Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July All Gone

Yes, July is over and I never wrote even one blog post.  First I was busy with things, then one evening my computer worked fine and the next day it was'toast'.  Buying a new one had not been on my to do list.  Then I was thrilled to have a party in my honor and have my out-of-state children here visiting.

I would love to share photos of my wonderful party, but there are none.  We were all having such a good time no one thought to take any.   Here are some others to give you a hint as to what the gathering was all about.

When she was a baby, she loved to take off her clothes. Patiently her mother would put them on again.

She loved her Easter basket and gave it to her daughter.

You can tell she liked to get dressed up for Easter with gloves and even a little hat.  Her suit was pink and grey.

She went to a New Year's costume party in 1964.  Dress sewn by her mom, hoop skirt borrowed.


 Her next important occasion. 1967

Years later, the family all together in 1999 at home. A special photo.

That's her in the middle with her beloved family.

           She is not



But now that she has reached the age of   70, she's happy, contented and thankful.  She praises God every day for this life He has given her and for the life to come.

And she is me.