Friday, February 12, 2016

Some New and Some Review

Remember dog blankets for Christmas? See it here.  I was able to get a photo of little Lady D on her blanket (thanks to my son) so here she is.

She seems cozy.  She maybe be bit suspicious of the camera.  Do you know this dog does a good impression of a T-Rex?   I've seen her do it.

You may also remember my mentioning and doing a post about the Sleepover Satchel. Read about it here.

I have made a few of them and I decided to make another.  This is the photo gallery, not quite complete.

This isn't even the right side of the fabric.  Just sewing the outer portion.

Putting the pocket on the lining.

  Handles and flap closure ready to go.

Closer view of the pocket.

Because this was a bit lighter weight fabric as compared to my other bags, I made a firm bottom to fit inside.  I covered a piece of cardboard.

There is it all tucked inside.

All done.
View 1

View 2
The color is truer in view one, but this one has something inside to fill it out a bit.

May joy fill you up today.