Thursday, August 28, 2014

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Taking off for Tucson at 1736 this afternoon via United with a short stop at LAX.

This is Biosphere 2 near Tucson,  I've been there. Fantastic. But not this time.

 This is the miniature museum.  It is also great and not just for kids.  The workmanship and design that go into these displays are remarkable.

We are going to stay two nights in Tucson.  I will report on our adventures upon my return.  Then we are going to Sierra Vista about an hour south.

Ah, lovely Sierra Vista home of Fort Huachuca, below.

Also a view of the fort.
Sierra Vista  has the main campus of Cochise College.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a photo of the library.  Though I might have if I wasn't writing this at the last minute.  I'm so happy to be going to Arizona because

 mu daughter, Alex, will be there to greet me. Though it is possible she won't have the tiny pumpkin with her.

Look for me back in about a week. Yahoo!

P.S. All photos are from the internet except the last one.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

About Color

I love color.  Many people do.  You do don't you?

What's not to  love about a rainbow?

This is  rather pale, but all the colors are there and it's has colored the clouds too.

Some people go crazy with color.   Like painting their house red.

This is, of course, my house. Painted "wowza" red aka Seattle red.

This is just nifty. What ever it is.

Some people are bright as a tropical bird with their clothing.  Do you just love her pizazz?

Wow is right.  I think this is so  . .
   . . well,  colorful.

Color does brighten up the day.  And knowing ways to use color, how to mix color to get a shade that precisely fits is something I'd like to know about.

So I started an art class at our local community college.  It's Art Design: Color Theory.   I'm also taking Introduction to Art, an art history class.

That's my blog for today.  Oh,  I'm soon heading out to Arizona (day after tomorrow) to visit second daughter, Alex.  YippeeYi Yo Kiyay.

Joy to you all.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer

History warning;  The Romans referred to these days of summer as dog days because the "Dog Star" Sirius was the brightest star in the sky at this time of year.  It was often thought of as bad or evil times.  The dates are believed to be mid-late July to mid-late August in the Northern Hemisphere.  But enough about that.  My dog days refer to summer with Sophie.

 You've seen her before.  This is Sophie Louisa Tucker Jean Felton.  I know I overdid it on the name, but she doesn't mind.

That glossy evil eye is saying don't touch my chewie.  I promise she is Not a smoker.

Sophie loves, loves to ride in the car.  She tries not to show it, but it is one of her favorite activities.

She loves riding in the truck because she can sit in front and sniff the glorious smells arriving via the vents.

Unlike Zeke and Eddie, Sophie has no interest in TV.

Sophie Louisa, will you please sit still for your snowy day portrait?

No, she is not bowing before me.  She just fell asleep like this.

This wonderful, cat cuddling, car riding, chewie chewing dog came to me from the  Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento. In September 2012.

Thank you Front Street and thank you, Elizabeth.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Did I Mention

I love socks?  Yes, I did here.  My beloved eldest child, Elizabeth (the mother of my cool grandson) also loves socks.  She knits faster and better than I and I'm in awe.  So looky here.  For me!

They are so detailed and intricate. Who would want to wear shoes?

We knitters are  fond of things for holding knitting projects and tools.
Here is my current project inside the Sock bag by Slipped Stitch Studios .

Uh oh. You can't see inside this way.

That's pretty yarn and those are pretty small needles.

You are right. It's a pair of socks in the making.  l knitted one to the point where one starts the heel, so I'm now doing the same for sock 2.  This beautiful yarn is  Kelpie from Dragonfly Fibers .  More about socks some day soon. "That's a promise and a threat." (from a song by Heart)

Warning; the video link to the 'song' is really only a photo while the song is playing. May be ads.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Wish

Oh, I do wish I had  taken photos of all the bags I made from this pattern.

See the price?  See how mangled the envelope is?

I made at least 3 from the tote on the upper right.

I made at least 4 from the purse on the upper right.

None from the other 2 styles.

Each of my three children had a school tote for their first year of school.

I made purses for myself when I needed one and couldn't find what I wanted.

Over the years,( did I say 1975?) I modified the purse pattern to add interior pockets and narrow the strap.  As I said above, I haven't any photos of these creations except for one. 

I was going to the opera a few years back and wanted a dressier bag.  I had purchased some silk satin at a silk outlet in the LA area.  Not wanting a big purse, I modified again to make it smaller with a longer, thinner strap.  Then added a shimmery tassel.

Can you see the tassel?  I really need to use my camera and stop taking all my photos with my Windows phone.

The photo of the interior of the bag is not great either, but take a look.

The silver satin on the inside is an excellent match for the outside. Can you see the pocket?  It's pretty wrinkled from hanging without being moved.  It's been a long time since I went to the opera.

Just a short one today.  I was poking about this morning trying to get rid of things.  Seeing this bag reminded my of how much I love LOVE using a pattern more than once.  Don't you feel the same?

The winning pattern for the greatest number of times used is Amber Creations Sleepover Satchel.  So far, I have made 10 satchels.

One of these days I will astound you with all the clothes I've made for my kids.  My kids are grown now and even my grandson is into adult sizes, but I still like to sew for them once in awhile.

Have a day that makes you smile. Please.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Sunday

I really miss going to church.  The singing, the praying, listening to the message,  I miss all of it.  Why, then , you ask, don't I just go?  That is not an easy question to answer. The reason might have something to so with the church I left behind, which doesn't exist anymore.  Well, it might still be there in San Jose, but so many of the members and even the pastor are elsewhere. Excuse me for musing.  I'll find my church home this year, hopefully.

Here's the third bag and there is a fourth one nearly done.  I'm not going to bore you by showing every one I make. 

This fabric might also look familiar.  

I wanted to use something not as feminine.  I've got plenty of fabric.  You know that because you've been shown  before.

Today I am going to cut out the jacket I will be making for my sister, Patricia.  I've been adjusting the pattern so hopefully it will be a good fit.

Dog story coming.

Friday, August 15, 2014

What I'm Supposed to be Doing

I am supposed to be sewing.  Do you have a natural foods co-op?  We do.  It's about 4 years old.  I'm member #9.  As a co-op member, I should be volunteering regularly.  I don't.  But last week I received an email with a volunteering opportunity I couldn't turn down.  Why?  Because it involves sewing.  Yes,  I can do it. They needed people to make small drawstring bags for new members. (I didn't get one of those, lol) So I made 2 and took them in.  They liked them, hey Mikey.  So  I am making more.    Rats, I didn't take a photos of the first 2.  But I've nearly finished  3 more so photos coming.  They need 30 per month. Oh, my.  Well,  I do have fabric.

 Time passes and here are 2 out of 3.  Does that fabric look familiar? Perhaps if you look here you'll see the connection.

The  temperatures have been wonderfully mild lately, but yesterday and today  . . . Hot.  102 this afternoon. I am ready for Fall.

Check back. I owe you a dog post.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Cats

My cat, Eddie aka Edward P. Cat, likes to watch TV.  Here he's enjoying a PBS Show about crows.

                                  He's done this ever since he was a kitten.

                                   Here he contemplates the gravel.

Zorro is also known as El Guapo (the handsome one). And Zorro is Spanish for fox, but I named him for the dashing hero from TV.  It's because he "came out of the night".

 He's playing king of the mountain.

El Guapo, the little muchacho, in his napkin serape.

Last  but not least my wanderer, Zeke short for Ezekiel.

Zeke and Eddie are brothers.  This is from their childhood. Zeke loves close-ups.

A chin shot if you please.

Zeke thinks I could be a bit cleaner.

So that's my post for today.  If you're not a cat person, check back.  I do have a dog.   And I have lots of yarn, fabric and socks.  
Bye bye for now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finished something

It's true. Besides that Dots box book I finished the pads for my chairs. I posted the fabric for them  here.

Here's three.  No wait . .

There are four.  All finished.  The sun is setting and therefore the light is dim.  It's OK, I love them. (Does ok really have to capitalized?)

Intergenerational Hollywood Film School.  Remember?  I was going to post some photos, but there was the fire.  Then I forgot until I was putting together an album for my trusty companion, Charles.

One of the highlights of the film school was a program about stunts by a working stunt man named Jason.  Here he is strangling a young teen.

Here (center) is Charles being strangled.

Charles smiling after being strangled. Smiling at the strangler.

Charles is filming a scene from our movie, "The Moral Policy".  We used the 19th floor lounge as an office.  The program leaders gave the kids a theme and they wrote, directed, filmed, edited and added music.  Grandparents helped a little especially with acting.  In our group there were 6. Three boys and their grandmothers.

The theme was good vs evil.

There was also a make-up artist. Pretty disturbing, eh?

Charles got a very realistic scar.  He looks a bit dangerous, doesn't he?

We also took a tour of the Sony Pictures Studios. They were once MGM Studios.  This building had offices and a display of Academy Awards.  It has also been used in movies.  It was the high school building in "Back to the Future."

Once again I want to recommend Road Scholar Intergenerational programs for fun and learning with a grandchild.  They have them for all ages of kids from 6-17, they have separate ones for teens and younger kids.

PS  Our movie " The Moral Policy" is about 8 minutes long.  I will try to post it when I figure out how to do that.  I first need to get it off the flash drive.  More soon about, well, whatever. Ciao.