Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Over

I got the little cat to sit on my lap today.  So hopefully soon his eye problem will be over with. Because I can get him to the vet.

I call him Fig, but I don't know why.   Except for his poor right eye,  he seems to have put on weight since he started hanging around.

There he is hiding under the truck back in April.

This is Roy Orbison singing

Me driving toward San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge.


And now this blog post is o-v-e-r.

Friday, August 14, 2015

I am a Dud

That's with a capital D.  A blogger dud.  But I haven't been idle.  Well, not very idle anyway.   I've made some bags for the Coop, and a couple of aprons for people I like (love).  You will have to take my word on this as I failed to take any photos.   Also I have wound a warp for my next weaving project.   I have a photo of it waiting to be tied on.   It is a natural colored 10/2 cotton for towels. The weft will be red for 2 towels and a lovely blue for 2.  More later.

Today I have a goal of cutting out 2 men's shirts and a skirt.  I have bought some cool fabric with a kind of Halloweeny feel.  There are photos of the fabric here today.

Meanwhile I am continuing to study watercolor painting online.  I finished my pear class.  See :D

Since I received a tablet for my birthday, I have not only resumed online classes in a variety of subjects, but also begun studying Italian and Swedish on DuoLingo.   My head is almost as full as when I was in nursing school.   Okay, not really.

Jag ar en kvinna.   (2 dots over the a in ar)  means "I am a woman."
I can also say  Jag ar (2 dots) en pojke.   This is not a true statement, however, as it means "I am a boy."

In high school I had 4 years of Spanish and 2 of French,  I've studied Italian on my own or with Rosetta Stone for several years.  So why not Swedish, eh?

One more photo for this post.  Was that a sigh of relief I just heard? Oh, anticipation?  I see.   I took this one last evening on the deck. The air was cool and soft.  Watching my new watercolor class seemed like a good idea,  on my new tablet. Heehee.

I call this one "Tabby and Tablet".  Good choice,  I believe.

Hejda for nu.

This is "good bye for now" in Swedish.  There's a tiny 'o' over the a and those 2 dots over the o.  I haven't learned this on DuoLingo so I used Google translate.