Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Weaving at Asilomar

In early May, I went to a weaving conference at Asilomar Beach and Conference Grounds.  What a wonderful place to stay.  There are many historic buildings designed by Julia Morgan.  Asilomar was first conceived as a place for members of the YWCA  from around the country to meet.  If you are interested you can read the history of Asilomar here

 Merrill Hall

     We gathered in Merrill Hall for meetings and speeches and our vendor.

Looking up in Merrill Hall

More ceiling views

Fireplace in Hearst Building

There were paved and board walks all around the facility.  We were right on the beach.

A boardwalk leading to the ocean.

Ah, the ocean.  So beautiful. 

Well, as I mentioned I was there for weaving.  I took a class on weaving with neutrals.  This was bold for me as I prefer color and more  color.  But I enjoyed it very much.  There were 20 students and therefore, 20 looms in a light airy room (but it was pretty cold outside most of the time) We learned a lot about what one tie-up can produce by varying the threading and the pattern.    Below are some of our work in progress.  We were weaving only samples so there wasn't a finished piece.

My start

Another's loom


When we were done we cut our samples up so everyone got a 2" square of everyone's efforts for future reference along with the patterns.

When I arrived home I still had unused warp on the loom so I  wove a bit more.

I enjoyed seeing what differences just changing the shades of weft would do.

Just below a very light view our our classroom.

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