Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ocean Beach Shore

I miss the coast.  It doesn't have to be a tropical beach with surfers and volleyball.  Sand castle building is always nice.

I found this one. Wow!  The rock surround.  There was no one nearby to claim it though I expect the waves eventually did.

Unless otherwise noted the following photos are by me. Some have been in a post before.

Clouds, ocean, shore, ahhhh.

A tropical island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pomponio Beach, CA
A wonderful place to be in March 2016

There must be a lighthouse sometimes. Cape Disappointment, WA.

This next photo I got from the internet.  I want to go to this beach some day  Actually there are many coasts I wish to see.

In Cornwall

A sea bird is calling my name. Farewell for now.