Monday, September 12, 2016

Here Today

I am, in fact, here today.  I'm nearly always around, but today I'm here.  This blog is not at all what it started out to be.  See my first post HERE.   It was supposed to help me finish the piles of things I had started, but never completed.   Thankfully I did finish some before changing the focus of the blog to it's current leanings.  "Whatever Whenever".  

And now . . . . 

I have been HERE.  Have you?   You should go. Parts of The Last of the Mohicans were filmed there.

Longing to go HERE ( to wander)           and  
                                      HERE    (sheep, wool, etc. Maybe Jimmy Perez)
                                               and     HERE  (Have Paul or Ringo been?)

There are many other places to visit such as HERE   or 
HERE. These  I've been to many times and am always amazed at the beauty.  But now I am closing.  Here's hoping you will go places or be at home whatever suits you.

I am here for now.