Friday, December 11, 2015

More SnowPeople and Other Things

Some might say I got carried away making snowpeople.

Well, I did.   A bit anyway.  See the one front left?  He's from a child's sock.   They make me smile.

I gave one to my nephew, it's not in this photo.  I used toothpicks for arms.  I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to him.

These little creations of mine were gifts to members of a hand weavers' guild I belong to.   I didn't get anything woven as gifts but my goodness what I received!   See the beautiful towels.

 I love every one of my towels, but I sure wish the photos did them justice.  I do appreciate the love and artistry behind this work.   

Do you remember these?   I love my towels too.  Watch for more towels and maybe some other gorgeous things in future.

In closing I leave you with the cloud photo.(oh, no, not another picture of clouds) Yes, because clouds are amazing!

Doesn't it look like bits of cloud are being pulled off  the large finger-like clouds?   This taken from my front porch.

More sooner than later.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Little Snow People and More

I saw this video on making snow men from socks.  So my daughter and I decided to try it.  She took hers home with her, but here are mine.

He started out with a white hat from the same sock as his body, but got the jazzy striped one when an old pair of my socks developed one hole too many.

This is the lovely snow-woman,  but she looks like she's just a girl, eh?  

So cute we had to have a 3/4 view as well.

As soon as I get another bag of rice, there may be more additions to the snow people at my house.

On another subject:  I recently found out something about the motorways in Ireland.  This thanks to my friend, Martin, who I met while playing AlphaJax on my phone.  (It's like Scrabble or Words with Friends)   Many of the large highways have an art object or two at the crossroads.  He sent me at least 12 photos, I'm adding my favorites here.

They're not all bovines.

I say, "Wow!"  
Maybe I'll put some more in another post.

Now here is one of my favorites here in California.  I pass it every time I go out to the coast.  It's outside the Sonoma Humane Society on state highway 12 just west of Santa Rosa.

In case I don't post again before Thanksgiving,  I wish you a wonderful time of family and friends and praise for God's blessings.   

"Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;"   Ephesians 5:20

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pretty Short

Remember  these fabrics?

I finished the shirts so here they are.

For my son-in-law

For my grandson.

Now this photo's color is washed out. See below for one I took without the flash.

See too dark, but closer to how it looks.  Maybe I will get a photo of the guys wearing them.  I made a skirt for my daughter then failed to get a photo before I gave it to her. Here's hoping I get one with her in it sometime soon.

Remember batiks? Here.   I made a blouse for myself from one. It's not one of the ones I already posted. This one has an Octobery feel.

Oh, yes, one of my favorites.  Here's another.  An oldy.  This is one I made as a scrub top to wear when I was working as an RN.  It's well worn and still loved.

Must get back to sewing.  I'm enjoying it so much.  I've neglected my other hobbies for a few weeks. Oh there was the 6 hours I spun on the second weekend of this month.   But mostly sewing.

Enjoy  Fall, maybe dress up for Halloween, be kind to Trick or Treaters,  and thank the Lord for changing seasons,   bye.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sometimes there is a lot to say and sometimes there isn't anything to say.   I'm not sure which time this is.  Let's start with a photo. Clouds?  Fabric? Pets? Ocean? Self-portrait?  Okay, no self-portrait.

Surprise!   It's yarn.   This is yarn from Three Waters Farm.  I discovered them on Etsy.  Here is their website.   I love the colors in this yarn, but I no longer buy yarn.  They also sell roving. That's fiber which is ready for spinning.  

This remarkable cat belongs to my cousin. He is Jack Flash. (the cat not my cousin)

I know you were just hoping to see more clouds.  One morning, when I was up at the mailboxes, this was the sky.  See another.

Pretty cool.

Remember this dress?  It was a UFO that I finally finished.  Then I gave it to a friend of my daughter for her daughter.  And looky.

She is so cute, eh?

And I have been cooking.  Yes, cooking. Trying to put away some food for when my cooking muse leaves town.

Moroccan Vegetable Stew

I understand.  Now you're hungry.  Go. That's fine. Enjoy.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Cats and Batiks

Two cats to the vet.  Two cats home.  

Zorro, el guapo.
He has been in our family since 2001. He was an adult when he wandered up and asked for asylum from the loneliness of the world.   He is a Manx who is also nick-named, El Gordo.

He had some vomiting two nights in a row so called at the vet's.  He is extremely healthy to quote the vet.  All his lab work was excellent.  So I'm just watching him indoors for a couple of days hoping there is no obstruction.

Fig, the new kid on the block.  Only Dr. Carmody says he's about 6 years old.  He is home following his surgery and the discovery of an abscess (he was treated for it during the operation).   I just now was able to give him his eye drop.   That's for the conjunctivitis.  He is now officially part of my family.

That was the cats. Now for the batiks.
I love them, both actually, but I speak of batiks now.  Yes, it is fabric.  I have not disguised the fact that I love fabric and now you know that batiks are some of my favorite.
Remember this?

I used batiks for this tote.

So here are some great batiks.  Some I own and some I just wish for.

Most of these I do not own, I own #2 and I may add photos of my recent purchases as they are equally gorgeous.

When you are praying today, please include the firefighters and people affected by the fires here on the west coast.

Thank you for coming by.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Things I've Been Doing

Hello People

I have been doing a thing or two and that is quite nice.   I have started to warp my new (to me) Gilmore loom for some kitchen towels.

I am happy to report that I have finished this part.  It's called sleying the reed.  Soon, like tomorrow, I must figure out my threading pattern so I can properly thread the heddles.  Since I am new to weaving I must check everything over and over.  More later.

Last weekend, August 28-30, Hangtown Fibers Guild had it's very first retreat.  Oh, my goodness,  was I going to walk to the bathroom or back from a shower without a robe?  It's been too darn hot for my long cold weather one.  Ah, yes, I can sew. So . . .

There is fabric.

There is a pattern.

There is a robe. Woohoo.

Now then there is the matter of that hideous big bush that is trying to take over the front walkway.  I seriously considered hiring some muscley person to come and rid me of it.  Then I thought, save your money.  Do it yourself.

It is so big that I could throw things into it, things that  made me unhappy, and they would disappear.  Sometimes they didn't quite disappear.   That was an empty plastic pot which I threw to disrupt a cat disagreement.

I have started.  It is so overgrown that under the green leafy part it's jungle of thick twigs and some pretty hefty branches.

About 1/8 of it cut out. You can almost see the stone edging I put along the walkway many years ago.  I'm  still thinking I may need someone a bit stronger to finish the job once I do all that I'm able.

I'll be back.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Over

I got the little cat to sit on my lap today.  So hopefully soon his eye problem will be over with. Because I can get him to the vet.

I call him Fig, but I don't know why.   Except for his poor right eye,  he seems to have put on weight since he started hanging around.

There he is hiding under the truck back in April.

This is Roy Orbison singing

Me driving toward San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge.


And now this blog post is o-v-e-r.

Friday, August 14, 2015

I am a Dud

That's with a capital D.  A blogger dud.  But I haven't been idle.  Well, not very idle anyway.   I've made some bags for the Coop, and a couple of aprons for people I like (love).  You will have to take my word on this as I failed to take any photos.   Also I have wound a warp for my next weaving project.   I have a photo of it waiting to be tied on.   It is a natural colored 10/2 cotton for towels. The weft will be red for 2 towels and a lovely blue for 2.  More later.

Today I have a goal of cutting out 2 men's shirts and a skirt.  I have bought some cool fabric with a kind of Halloweeny feel.  There are photos of the fabric here today.

Meanwhile I am continuing to study watercolor painting online.  I finished my pear class.  See :D

Since I received a tablet for my birthday, I have not only resumed online classes in a variety of subjects, but also begun studying Italian and Swedish on DuoLingo.   My head is almost as full as when I was in nursing school.   Okay, not really.

Jag ar en kvinna.   (2 dots over the a in ar)  means "I am a woman."
I can also say  Jag ar (2 dots) en pojke.   This is not a true statement, however, as it means "I am a boy."

In high school I had 4 years of Spanish and 2 of French,  I've studied Italian on my own or with Rosetta Stone for several years.  So why not Swedish, eh?

One more photo for this post.  Was that a sigh of relief I just heard? Oh, anticipation?  I see.   I took this one last evening on the deck. The air was cool and soft.  Watching my new watercolor class seemed like a good idea,  on my new tablet. Heehee.

I call this one "Tabby and Tablet".  Good choice,  I believe.

Hejda for nu.

This is "good bye for now" in Swedish.  There's a tiny 'o' over the a and those 2 dots over the o.  I haven't learned this on DuoLingo so I used Google translate.