Friday, September 11, 2015

Cats and Batiks

Two cats to the vet.  Two cats home.  

Zorro, el guapo.
He has been in our family since 2001. He was an adult when he wandered up and asked for asylum from the loneliness of the world.   He is a Manx who is also nick-named, El Gordo.

He had some vomiting two nights in a row so called at the vet's.  He is extremely healthy to quote the vet.  All his lab work was excellent.  So I'm just watching him indoors for a couple of days hoping there is no obstruction.

Fig, the new kid on the block.  Only Dr. Carmody says he's about 6 years old.  He is home following his surgery and the discovery of an abscess (he was treated for it during the operation).   I just now was able to give him his eye drop.   That's for the conjunctivitis.  He is now officially part of my family.

That was the cats. Now for the batiks.
I love them, both actually, but I speak of batiks now.  Yes, it is fabric.  I have not disguised the fact that I love fabric and now you know that batiks are some of my favorite.
Remember this?

I used batiks for this tote.

So here are some great batiks.  Some I own and some I just wish for.

Most of these I do not own, I own #2 and I may add photos of my recent purchases as they are equally gorgeous.

When you are praying today, please include the firefighters and people affected by the fires here on the west coast.

Thank you for coming by.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Things I've Been Doing

Hello People

I have been doing a thing or two and that is quite nice.   I have started to warp my new (to me) Gilmore loom for some kitchen towels.

I am happy to report that I have finished this part.  It's called sleying the reed.  Soon, like tomorrow, I must figure out my threading pattern so I can properly thread the heddles.  Since I am new to weaving I must check everything over and over.  More later.

Last weekend, August 28-30, Hangtown Fibers Guild had it's very first retreat.  Oh, my goodness,  was I going to walk to the bathroom or back from a shower without a robe?  It's been too darn hot for my long cold weather one.  Ah, yes, I can sew. So . . .

There is fabric.

There is a pattern.

There is a robe. Woohoo.

Now then there is the matter of that hideous big bush that is trying to take over the front walkway.  I seriously considered hiring some muscley person to come and rid me of it.  Then I thought, save your money.  Do it yourself.

It is so big that I could throw things into it, things that  made me unhappy, and they would disappear.  Sometimes they didn't quite disappear.   That was an empty plastic pot which I threw to disrupt a cat disagreement.

I have started.  It is so overgrown that under the green leafy part it's jungle of thick twigs and some pretty hefty branches.

About 1/8 of it cut out. You can almost see the stone edging I put along the walkway many years ago.  I'm  still thinking I may need someone a bit stronger to finish the job once I do all that I'm able.

I'll be back.