Sunday, May 25, 2014

About a hat

What about a hat you say?  They are fun, keep out rain, keep sun off face, look fancy or stylish or just make a statement.  I have made a hat.  Yup, it's true.  Our Sheep to Shawl team needed some head gear.  I dug through my patterns and found this one.

This one is from Folkwear .  A lovely chapeau, no?

Then I found this one, an oldie but a goody.

 This one is from, I believe, Simplicity.  The envelope is gone from house right now therefore I'm unable to positive.  The pattern is from 1997 so no longer on their website (or on McCalls either). Update, it is Butterick. It's too old to find.

The team members like View H above which is quite similar to the Folkwear pattern.  There were 3 size smalls and 5 size mediums.  I made a sample.  A kindly old woman agreed to model it for me.

I had thought at first it was reversible, but I was wrong. Perhaps a more accomplished seamtress could have done it any way.  The hat lining matches perfectly the pinafore I made for our fiber guild sheep.

I hadn't made the hat when I took this photo.  She's looking pretty cute.  Wait until you see her with her hat on.

This past Thursday Pam and I got together and sewed up a hat for every member of the team.  Here is one.  Keep in mind the button is really a lime green.  Pam and I both have that photo problem from time to time.

I hope to get a photo of the team in action wearing their hats.  They'll be doing a demonstration at the  El Dorado County Fair  Father's Day weekend.  The following weekend they will be in Eugene, OR for the Black Sheep Gathering. There they will win the competition for the 2nd time.

The team members wear an apron with this logo on it.  The hat color matches the blue on the mountains.   Once more the colors are not good representations of  how things really look. 

PS The Folkwear pattern is still available.

Now it's time for "groovin' on a Sunday afternoon"   Skip ad. Listen.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Some of my stuff.  I'm sorry if you've already seen it.  It seemed to be a good day for looking back.

Oh, these are old.  I still have the bunny, but the computer's gone.  I gave the baby bee hat to a pregnant co-worker and the sofa has gone to the dump.

This is the second book I made.  It's in the hands of a good friend now.

I painted this switch plate cover to make leaving the house a bit more fun.
Here's another one I particularly like.  Dreadful photo though.

In 2011 I made a crazy birthday card for my sister, Katherine, who loves chocolate.  I did a type of collage on a paper plate.  It went through the mail with a bit of extra postage attached.(See 5 celebrate stamps)  That is not her address, by the way, so no trying to send her messages about her
weird sister. Anyway, she's known about me for years.

And so now it's time to close. Another photo that's old and, yes, you have seen it before.  It was quite a number of posts ago.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's a simple skirt

When the owner arrives I will try to get a photo of her in it.  It needs hemming so also waiting for her for that. Oh, yes and I haven't seen her since January.  Once again I.m sorry about the quality of the photographs.  I tried several times to get a decent one.

This skirt is from Favorite Things and the pattern is called Cute Skirts.
It's pretty easy. There are eight panels to cut from a single pattern piece, then a front waist band and a back waistband casing.  Mine is the basic one, but there were three variations.  I added a pocket in the right seam because I like to have one.  Three panels sewn together make the front and five make the back.  The back has elastic and the front a smooth waist band.

My next projects are 2.  I'm making myself a corset,  alas there will be no photo of me wearing it.  Also  I am making a couple of  books.  One is from a project by SeaLemon.  Here is the link to the project she made.  It's on my Pinterest board. Junior Mint Box book.  This link takes you to a little tutorial. but you can just look at the photo if you care to.

Excuse me, did she say corset?  I beg forgiveness if I have mentioned this before.  I am training to be a volunteer at the Gold Discovery Historic Park and so must have period clothing.  So I took a corset class and we are supposed to finish it this weekend.  In the mean time, I have been a slacker so have to do some catching up.

The mower men have arrived sounding like giant bees on drugs.  I'm thankful they are willing to do this as I would never, EVER use Round-Up on my land.  (A short rant).  
This is part of my yard in early spring.  The grass is now a foot taller and fading to brown.  I can do before and after photos when the guys are done.  Also this was taken a few years ago and there is more fence..

It's Wednesday and a lovely one, a day the Lord has made. I am rejoicing in it.  

         Ci vediamo presto is Italian for 'We'll see each other soon.'

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Know It's Tuesday

For all of you who might have stopped by yesterday because of my mentioning Monday in my last post,  I am sorry.  It was a blue Monday so I didn't do much of anything.  Well, I escaped into the world of British television and did a bit of necessary stuff on the Internet, but it didn't amount to a very productive day.  Lo siento mucho. (Well, it was Cinco de Mayo).

Nothing to show you so far, but it's coming along.  I wasn't as near completion on the project as I thought.  Been working on it this morning. Part of the difficulty for me was adding a pocket in the seam when the pattern didn't call for it.  The basic steps were familiar to me, but this has a flat waistband in front and elasticized one in back so I had to do some figuring out.  Looks okay so far.  Plus, I was only putting one on the right so I had to make sure that's where I put it.  Yay!  Photos coming, maybe today.

In the mean time, I have started another pair of socks.  I had planned to knit this pair with a  fancy pattern, but reverted to the Basic Sock from Knitting Rules  by Stephanie Pearl-McFee  (the Yarn Harlot ).  It's basic and she is fun to read.  The yarn is from Dragonfly Fibers , their Djinni Sock yarn which is superwash merino, cashmere and nylon.  This color is Kelpie.
I bought that one and this one.

It almost looks the same, but this is Blue Morpho Butterfly and is all blue.
I bought them from Dragonfly at this year's Stitches West.  This link takes you to the main site for all the Stitches events.

So that's all for now.  I'll be back with photos of my sewing project asap.

Vapor trail at sunrise.

Friday, May 2, 2014

It's May, it's May, the lusty month of May

Did you love Camelot?   I saw the movie the first time years ago when my husband and I were newlyweds.   Then I saw a wonderful stage version a couple of years ago at our local Imagination Theater.

 Did I tell you about the pants I was going to make from a sheet?  Well I just checked and I didn't so here is a brief post about them.

The pattern is a basic pant from Brown Paper Patterns.   I wanted a capri/crop style so I played with it.

The fabric is a sheet from the thrift store with a satin-like stripe.

It's obvious to me, I need some photography pointers.  As you will see, the clarity is poor.  I live alone and there's just no one to either model or do the picture taking.

Why does it look misty?  I guarantee it was not foggy in the house. 

 I did get them the right length.  I have put left and right side pockets in and a patch pocket on the right seam for my mobile phone which I like to carry on me.

And now a little preview.

Making something now with this lovely fabric. Again my photography doesn't do it justice so see it here.  I should be finished with it by Monday.  It would be sooner, but I have a long busy day tomorrow.

So long for now.  See you Monday.