Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Still March and I Am Finishing

That pullover is problematic.  I have now misplaced this pattern and so I'm waiting for a new one to arrive.  Meanwhile I've knitted a hat for chemo patients, started socks. Oh, wait I mentioned them already.

This is the same photo I posted, but I'm a bit further along.

And I mentioned weaving 

And spinning.

Here is what I have finished. 

Another scarf using a Noro Kuryeon weft.

A first skein of handspun and pied Falkland wool yarn.

Did I forget to mention sewing?  Shame on me.  I bought a magazine called "Stitch" and wasted no time making something from it.  

Strangely shaped pillows. Good for decoration and for a nap.

I think I'll take a nap right now.

Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Years ago we celebrated this special day.  My dear mother-in-law loved her Irish side. Her father was born there.  We would gather for corned beef and cabbage and just enjoy.  This morning I was thinking of her and hoping now that she has ascended to Heaven that she has met the man in person.

What person other than family members and close friends would you like to meet there?

It is turning green around here.

Looking down on the top of a young oak tree  The baby leaves are "spring" green, they'll turn dark soon.

This is the mother tree. She, too, is leafing out nicely.


I'm mad about weaving.  I have woven a whole towel on my floor loom. And started the second one.

See the black line on the cloth?  That is the end of one and the beginning of #2.  Boy, am I excited to get them finished.  

Rigid heddle weaving.  It's different and similar and portable. I've have a Schacht Flip Loom.

Here are some photos of a scarf I just finished.

It's warped and I've woven some waste yard to spread the warp fibers and make a space for the fringe.

It's coming along. Perhaps you're wondering about the spaces between the weft threads.  You can see through the scarf, right?  Those will disappear.  I was told.

Off the loom, wet and wrinkled.  But wait . . . 

Long shot.


I love it so much that I've already warped the loom for another one. Soon I'll have towels and scarves.


See you soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

What's Happening

Here's what's happening around here in March so far.

I took Alex's suggestion and bought some trading card sleeves for my "Photo a Day" project.  I put the photos in and then slipped in an explanation and date for each on the back.

The photos

The descriptions of said photos.

Thank you for the great idea, it's working well.

Here's what's happening in my knitting world.

The pullover.  It is possible this is the last sweater I will knit. Unless perhaps a baby one.

I have started another pair of socks in self patterning yarn. They will look something like these.

I did not knit these, but  this is the yarn I'm using. These are from Stephanie Pearl-McFee.

Weaving is coming along very slowly.

Spinning is fun.  Here is a photo of my wheel which doesn't look anything like the more familiar wheels like the one I use at Coloma. 

It's a Schact Sidekick. It's easy to carry, but too modern for the Gold Discovery Park in Coloma.

Here is some fiber I purchased on ETSY from Three Waters Farm.  I've almost turned it all into yarn.

Muted Conversation is the color.

Stitches West was lots of fun  I love riding the train even though it's a bit of a long walk to the convention center after you arrive.  Stitches South is in a few weeks in Nashville, TN.  All about Stitches events here.  I went with guild friends to SW for the market place.  I bought three things. Stitch markers, yarn and fiber. Believe me I was being restrained.  The stitch markers are gorgeous so before I close for today, here they are.

Ciao amici.