Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Little Road Trip

Today I traveled from my home to a place just east of Volcano, California.  I took some photos along the way, but sad to say none of either of the towns I passed through.  I did not go through Volcano as I took a 'short cut'.   Here is a poor quality photo of the route I took.

I don't think you can read the names of the places, but my idea was to show you the road and it's curves.

Leaving Plymouth heading to Fiddletown

Stopped briefly by road crews cutting trees.

Entering Fiddletown.  It's a gold rush mining town and very interesting. You'll have to go there as I didn't take a picture.

Out the passenger side window. The trees haven't all leafed out yet.

       Going further east and higher in elevation.  I love the sun and                                                       shadows.

Higher now and nearly all evergreens.

There were occasional homes.

Now I have done what I went there to do and have started back home

This was a large farmhouse with lots of land.

West of Fiddletown. Beautiful green hills.

Nearly back to Plymouth where I turn north on Highway 49 towards home.

A wonderful drive. Thank you to the Lord for His beautiful world.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


More weaving. CNCH was asking members to donate woven scarves for "yarn storming" in Modesto, the city of this year's conference.  Not reading the instructions very carefully, I not only started it after the due date, I made more than a scarf.  It turned out okay as the woman who is collecting the items and who is in charge of hanging them all over the town, lives pretty close to me.  I'm going to take it to her tomorrow.  Then I will be happy.

Just getting started and weaving on the back porch.

Finished and basking in the sun.

It's pretty long. Seventy inches with 8 inches of fringe on either end.

The fringe pre-braiding.

I braided the fringe, knotted it and tried to even it up.

I will to try to find it where ever they hang it and get a photo of it on display.  We'll see.

Ciao for now.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Thing for the Wall

It's true I made 'a thing for the wall'.  After I took that class on Saori Weaving,  I was eager to do some more so a warped my rigid heddle loom.   I started out with some yarn for the weft, but then switched to strips of batiks. You know I love them.

I'm enjoying it at this point so decided to take a photo.  The warp is some blue cotton, a bit finer than I wanted, but I didn't have what I wanted.  I'm not sure I even knew what I wanted.

A close-up after it was done.

There it is hanging in the hallway. The wall is a pale lavender.  None of the photos I took of it looked true in color.  This one came the closest.

A close-up of the fringe with beads.  Okay it's not much of a close-up.  Alas,  I am not a photographer.

That's all for the 'thing for the wall'. However I also finished another sleep-over satchel.  Here are two photos of it.

I think this makes 12 of them I've made.  There's another like this one all cut out and ready for sewing.  Might head on in there and 

Get Started.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Hey there

I have certainly been lazy lately including blogging.  However, as I was spinning yesterday I thought I could do a short one featuring fiber and the wheel.

The wheel 
(the dog and the TV)

A stormy fit of fiber on my knee

Some single ply yarn it has become.

Fiber, fiber everywhere but not a bit of pink
(okay that was silly)
The bright one is called 'Saddle Blanket'.

Working on this one for CNCH, which is Conference of Northern California Handweavers. The gathering is in April and I must have 360 yards of 2 ply yarn for my class.

Recently I took a one on one class on Saori style weaving. Here is my sampler.  It needs some further attention, but I like it.

Now when you look at this remember I am a beginner.

That's all folks.