Saturday, March 3, 2018

Art is Personal

Patterns in the sand

 Mini mixed media

 Huge Sculpture with globes



 Wood carving of a dragon

 Paper art collage

 Food: pink sauerkraut

Costume sewing
 Metal decor on a roadway


Book binding


Well, these are only a small portion of the arts.  There is so much more out there. I didn't even mention music or theater, tile, mosaics, jewelry.  So much to enjoy and explore.

Enjoy something that stirs your heart and mind every day.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us art.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Maybe I'm Repeating Myself

Here in the foothills of  North California (If they ever decide to divide the state, I will live in the North. However I don't expect it will happen because no one will ever agree on where the border should be.) it is spring weather, false spring, craziness or what ever. But it is not unusual.  Some years it may be in January others, like now, in February.

In 2014 I wrote a poem whilst sitting in the overly warm sun on my porch in February. Here it is.

  Too Warm in February

When February turns as warm as May
My mind drifts off and far away
Where snow lies deep upon the ground
And silence is the only sound;
Where mornings are dark, the air is chill
And I see foxes on the hill.

A fire burning in the grate
And steaming soup upon my plate.
Needing a coat when I go out, 
'I love winter' I want to shout.

Yet here I sit my arms all bare
Hearing bird calls everywhere,
Not even a rain cloud in the sky.
'Where is winter?', I want to cry,
When did winter pass me by?

Springtime weather is very nice
When coming after cold and ice.
The new green leaves on the old oak tree
Just now it's hot out in the sun.

Say it's not true that winter's done.

What is nice about the warmer weather, is that is just so pleasant to be out in it.  Our summers are very warm (90's to 107ish) and it's no fun going outdoors.  Oh wait!  It's absolutely lovely going out at 0500 on a July day to pull some weeds or take a walk.  But now, one can go out in the afternoon and putter around or sit and read.

Have you noticed adults are coloring in coloring books like crazy? 

 Every where one turns there are adult coloring books like these.

Apparently one can go online and just download a page to color.

Back in the 1970's,  I discovered a catalog from Dover Publishing.

 They had wonderful color books and paper dolls.  I bought paper dolls for the girls, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears etc.  I bought a couple of coloring books for me.  I used fine line markers, not pencils.  I remember one was the alphabet.  Each page a letter.  Inside the letter were items and animals that started with the letter.

Looking just now at their paper dolls, I saw Kate, the Duchess; Shirley Temple, Viking Children, Abe Lincoln and family and many more.  

All photos today were from the net. And here's one more  from a previous post on color.

There's no double about I have repeated myself a little bit, but I'm okay with it.

Wishing you a splendid day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Always Remember

Always remember:   You are important
                                Someone loves you
                                Someone always knows where you are
                                There is something to look forward to
                                The past is done, learn from it, but . . .
                                 Don't live in the past
                                 It's free to be kind and there are rewards
                                 The Lord is near.

Just some random photos of mine.  They make me happy.  All were taken by me, except the second one.  I cannot remember where I got it, but I love the ceiling art.  The first and last are of items I did. The third is titled "Coffee Table Still Life."
Now look again at the 4th.
Take joy and spread it around.

These are the smallest orchids I have ever seen. 
I'm spreading joy here.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


No. I am not speaking of food or anatomy.  It's bunnies.  I know it's not Easter.  I love buns all the time, not just in spring.   When I was very small, yes, it was Easter, the Easter Bunny brought me a rabbit.  It's odd because he already had a name, my little self thought I should name him.  He was called Wimpy.  I had him for a long time.

 After I was married and had 3 kids,  I wanted another bun.  I decided that the next time someone was giving away rabbits in front of K Mart  I would get one.  I got two.  Michaela and  Sweet Bun.  Sweet Bun was not sweet.  Who knew that  rabbits could growl? I'm sorry to say that I have no photos of Wimpy, Michaela or Sweet Bun.  There maybe some in my archives, but I don't know where the archives are.

You know about Pinterest, yes?  I discovered some bunnies on there. Here is one:
Here is a link to the artist's Etsy page.  She does all types of animals, well this is also a rabbit, but look around you'll see some beautiful work.

I then fell in love with this little guy from Fresh Tracks also on Etsy.  and maybe a year later I had to buy him. And here is skiing across the kitchen counter.

This is Jean Louis.  He is from France, made by an artist named Catherine.  There are other bunnies from Catherine.

This little guy is a librarian bun.  He lives on the desk at the Cochise College library.  He pals around with my daughter, Alex, who is the technologies librarian.

See his little backpack? His map?  This is a hiking bunny.  He's gone to live at a friend's house.  A hiking friend.

Le lapin blanc
The White Rabbit
This one lives with Sarah, who played the White Rabbit in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Here she is.

Buns are also wonderful on calendars.

Ooh la la.

And on the bottoms of bowls.

See it?

And inside beautiful bake ware by Alex.

In literature there are two favorite buns.

The Velveteen Rabbit and

Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter Rabbit.

I will hop on my way now and be back another day. I am thankful for buns.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Cat Story of Two Cats

This is Eddie aka Edward P. Cat

This is Teddy aka Theodore H. Cat
Just recently he may have temporarily decided to be called Rocco.  I do not expect this will last.

Back in September,  my dear Eddie died unexpectedly.  I cannot write about it at all.  However just over a month after Eddie's death I was thinking how there was this hole in my house where another cat should be and my daughter sends me a photo of Ted, a stray at the shelter  who was not doing well.  He was withdrawn and he was failing to groom himself.

My daughter who is a shelter volunteer brought him home to her house where he resided under a futon in the spare room,  He was frightened.

I saw him and I said, "That's my cat."

Elizabeth with Theodore

A couple of weeks later, he was hiding out in my spare room.

He soon began to groom himself, boss my dog, Sophie, around and do some exploring.  He's a real part of the family now. 

I want to thank Elizabeth, for her tender heart.  She has a houseful of pets including two rescue dogs, but she found a spot of Theodore and by doing so helped me fill a spot in my home that only Teddy could fill.

I'm going to also thank the Lord for animals, all types.  What a world of wonder, education, help and love we get from them.  Thank you, God.

My Eddie

My good cat, Eddie, we had many silly and happy times.  I will always remember the way he gently touched my cheek with his paw.

Thank you, Lord, for Eddie.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Oh No Sorry

Well, my 30 day challenge started off very well.  But then the holidays and my old nature happened.  So  I am going to restart it soon.  I'll let you know, if you care.  It's fine if you don't.

Confession time.  I love Austin Kleon.  Well, in a way, not like a sweetie nor like a son.  Like someone I might like to have as a good friend.  He listens to good music, reads interesting things, writes a good blog, tells anecdotes sort of.  He's interesting.  Yep, that's it.     His blog

Certainly I am not the writer he is, but  I like writing.  I love to make people laugh, but I don't know how to do that on paper, or computer.  People have told me I'm funny even my kids have said so.  Keep in mind my kids are adults so I think that when they say " You're funny, mom."   It's quite different from a teenager saying, " You're weird."  If I am funny and/or weird, I pray it's the good kind.

Poems:            The rain comes quietly but
                        Awakens a sleeping frog

It is rainwater
Dropping on a stone path
Splashing my boots    

I thought they were 'haikus', but they may not be such.  They are, however, about rain and are by me.

Another               Not about rain

Clouds reflected in the 
Window of a red house.
Early morn

Monday, December 11, 2017

Do One Thing Every Day

What do you like to do?   It's entirely possible that you like to do more than one thing.  Do you do the things you like to do or do you just think about them?  Say  " Boy, I sure would like to write a blog."  Or, maybe it's, "I sure would like to finish  those projects I have started."

It's possible you may find yourself reading a variety of blogs rather than writing one.  Perhaps starting a new project is more fun than finishing that one from last year.   But as the day ends, you realized you didn't really do a blog post or work on a UFO.   Maybe you are busy with a job, young kids, teens (or both) pets, volunteering and are tired at the end of the day.

Years ago when I was a nursing student, 1990's,  I worked very hard at that and also did my housework (sort of) and mothering.  There was so much reading, learning medications, diagnoses, signs and symptoms, that I just didn't do much else.  A couple of years later when I returned to nursing school to get my RN, I decided I couldn't do without reading something other than text books. My plan was to read 5 minutes a day at bedtime something non-medical.

I did that no matter how late it was, after all it was only 5 minutes.
It made all the difference in my year.  My mind relished in the joy of poetry, a mystery or biography.

So have decided to try to do things every day for 30 days. Go outside and move about (sitting outside not included) for 10 minutes and write for 10 minutes, poetry, letters, journal and/or blog post.  I keep 3 journals, computer, handwritten and recorded.
So any of the three qualify.

I'll write a post about my efforts in 31 days.  Ya'll come back and see what happens.  

I got this idea awhile ago from an article from somewhere in which I have written "from Cyndi's blog lipstick jungle".  Today have searched for this so I can give her credit, but I couldn't find it anywhere.  In the article she mentions, Austin Kleon, whose blog I did find.   He mentions the 30 day goal so here is a link to that.       

Besides this post from November 1, 2017, he has other interesting things to day.  He is a writer who also does art.

I will leave you today with a beautiful photo of a cloud.  I hope it's one I've not already posted.

My Pink Cloud