Monday, May 28, 2018

Playing in Paint


A visit last September to my niece in Oklahoma, who is an artist as well as a nursing instructor, led me to explore painting.  I had taken a class the previous November and had some pieces I liked, but after visiting Tricia, I wanted to do more. I had fun finishing up the class art and then going on.

The art above I did the last few days (I cannot account for the color discrepancy. The true color of the painting is more like the first three.)  I had tried for the look of an old wall using molding past in the aqua paint for texture which I think you can see in the 2nd picture.  In the end I added some magenta (3) and then more gold and azo gold (4).   I may still fuss with it, but it's on the wall for now.

This is very small and just on paper.  I used it as a gift enclosure.

  This one is really big is on a 5x4.5 ft canvas. It is finished and stretched. It started like this.

This one has a name.  It's titled "Two Black Cats."   It once looked like this.

No, it's true.  I went to a "paint night" at our local chocolate lounge. Annabelle's.  After looking at it for a week or two, I covered it in gesso and did "Two Cats".  It is at my daughter's house now.

About a year ago, I was trying to do something difficult (not art) for a month, so I took a 20x20 stretched canvas and some acrylic markers and decided to write the date every day.  Sometimes big (center) sometimes small and in Spanish. See below.

Eventually I painted over this one too, but first added torn paper and at the end some other paper pieces. This one may be titled, "Kite". 

Is that a kite?

Last and, perhaps, least is another canvas where I am definitely having fun playing in paint.  Lots of layers here.  Tissue underneath, Montana spray paints, Krylon, interior house paint, Golden bronze, magenta and gold.

I am having fun.

Montana, Krylon and Golden are brands of paint.  I'm not sure which brands of house paint I used.  It is interior semigloss.

Lest I forget whose work got me on the road to art bliss. Here are two of my niece's art.

Love it!

Pretty fabulous, eh?

                           Thank you, Lord. for art in all it's forms.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Roses and Peonies

About 18 months ago, I visited the home of a friend for the first time.  Her husband is an avid gardener.  It was there, I fell in love with roses.  I have loved peonies for a long time though I never had any. but I always thought roses were just 'okay'.  Admittedly, I love a fragrant rose, but it seems to me they don't smell as delicious as they once did.

This is the Sarah Bernhardt Peony ( photo from Google search and

Yesterday, I went back to Micki's home and I, along with the rest of the guests, were invited to help ourselves to any of the roses and peonies.  Wow, I went crazy, but as I live 40 miles away over very winding roads, I would have to carry them.  I restrained myself Thankfully, another was driving.

Photo by moi

The blossoms on the left are peonies. The ones on the right are roses except for the large yellow one. That is a Lithuanian peony.

Photo by me a bit blurry.

In this one you can really see the Lithuanian peony.

Last week was Mother's Day,  You knew that, didn't you?
 I had a lovely visit with my oldest daughter and her family, with delicious burgers and gifts I love.  My other daughter, who lives far away, sent some flowers which arrived Monday.  She knew I wouldn't be home for a Sunday delivery.

I had beautiful flowers.

 The full view

The overhead view showing the peonies. This was the next morning.

These are the same peonies four days later. See the color difference and how large they opened.

Here are some roses I love. Some are mine, some are hoped for.

This is St. Patrick's Rose in my yard.

Gold Strike Rose

A new favorite. The Jude the Obscure Rose. It's gorgeous and it smells wonderful.  I mean, amazing.

Both of these Jude the Obscure photos were from Google search.  I didn't get a photo at Micki's. She has a lovely, large bush  covered with them.

Jude again.

And for my last photo for this post, a still life.

This photo by me is titled:
Still Life with Rose

Let's all be thankful for the beauty of flowers.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Blog A Lot Not

Hello to All Three or Four of you who stop by

I apparently am not the Blogger I thought I would be.  Not even once in April did I manage a post.  And now I'm hungry.    This happens to me when I must do something I don't want to do.  Or I do want to do it, but keep putting it off.  

Does this sound self pitying?  You're right it does.  I apologize.  Enough.  

Here is a poem.

I've got a garage, it's filled up to here.
tires and rims and tubing and tools
Boxes of stuff, yes more than a hundred
compressors and vacs and engine stands
nuts and bolts and rubber bands
There's a perfectly good blue race car
dzeus fasteners, do you know what they are?  
There's funnels and drip pans and bottles of oil
Extension cords and cordless drills
and lots of dust on the window sills.
At the back is an astrovan seat, cat sleeps there to
get out of the heat. Then there's an EZ up still works well
Boxes of washers, an amorphus lamp and many more than one kind of clamp
We wouldn't be complete without duct tape and nails, gas cans and 
fire bottles and bright orange pails.

This is only a small view of the total mess it was. (The race car is gone and the EZ up)

How about a cloud?

God is good.

Well, I do wish you a lovely day/night.  But there is no more coming out the keyboard at this time.

Monday, March 19, 2018

I Love the Piano

This is my piano.

I bought it a few years ago at the local hospice thrift store.  I grew up with a piano, but I hadn't had one in more than 25 years.  This is an old piano manufactured in 1910 and probably not cared for very well.  Nevertheless, I was so happy to get it.  It was only $350, but I spent more than that to get it home and tuned.

When I was a child I took piano lessons at different ages with different teachers and different styles.  I learned to read music and I learned the chord method.

Playing the piano was and still is a favorite past time for me.  I love music, listening to it, singing along with it and making it.  I want to let anyone who might be reading this blog know that I am not very accomplished at my chosen instrument.  This is not false modesty.
But the truth is, I love to play anyway even though I get frustrated by my mistakes.

Some of my favorite pianists are:
Vince Guaraldi
(I can play this, but not like Lori. It is one of my favorite melodies)

Roger Williams
Autumn Leaves

Thelonious Monk

"Round Midnight

Brian Crain 

Italian Summer
Composed and played by Brian.
 (I can play this one too)

Dear friends, I cannot even begin to name all of the pianists, piano players that I love. So I won't try. However, if you think of one and I've heard of them, I more than likely love to hear them play.

So today and everyday, I am thankful to God for music and the piano.

P.S.  All the photos are from the internet and all the links are from YouTube.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Art is Personal

Patterns in the sand

 Mini mixed media

 Huge Sculpture with globes



 Wood carving of a dragon

 Paper art collage

 Food: pink sauerkraut

Costume sewing
 Metal decor on a roadway


Book binding


Well, these are only a small portion of the arts.  There is so much more out there. I didn't even mention music or theater, tile, mosaics, jewelry.  So much to enjoy and explore.

Enjoy something that stirs your heart and mind every day.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us art.