Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bad, Bad Blogger

So it has been more than a month since I wrote anything.  And to be honest, I really didn't want to do this today.  Nevertheless, here I am.   Ahhh. Now what to write about.  Okay.  I'll start with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.   

Last fall I auditioned for a part in the Imagination Theater production of Alice.  Lo and behold, I was chosen for a part.  It was not Alice nor was it the White Rabbit.  This is fine as Alice is a young girl, not a woman and the Rabbit needed high energy.  Not me, ha.

Nope, I wasn't chosen for the Cheshire Cat.  But that is fine as the one who did get it is wonderful.

I was not invited to the tea party.

Perhaps you would never guess, so I will just give you a hint.

As I mentioned, not Alice, soooooo

Yup, I'm Dum.
(He's the one in the middle.)

Here are some photos of the current portrayals.

The wonderful Sarah as the White Rabbit.

Alice by Taryn

Here is Alice by Tessa along with the Caterpillar (Mackenzie)

Two young ladies were cast as Alice. They do alternate performances both are excellent.

The Mad Hatter and March Hare at the Tea Party
Jan (l) and Morgan

Don't you love her Cheshire Cat grin?

The talking flowers

The Knave of Hearts and the other cards.

The fabulous Queen (Kathleen) and delightful Bud (Gianna)

And of course, the Tweedles

Tweedle Dee (Kim)

Tweedle Dum (yours truly)

Ours is a small but wonderful local theater.  They have produced many great shows including Les Miserables which I participated in.  2013
Imagination Theater

I want to thank them for making my dream of singing, dancing and acting on stage a reality.

 Although I didn't mention every actor or character, all of my cast mates do a grand job and are fun to be with. Here are the ladies of dressing room A being goofy.

Come see us any Thursday or Friday evening or Saturday or Sunday afternoon in February 2017.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine
 Proverbs 17:22

Monday, January 2, 2017

Well, After All

It is a new year.  Everyone is saying so.  And it feels like a new year, so I guess it is.  Hummmmm.  What to talk about?  Sewing? Weaving? Spinning? Dogs? Cats?  Monkeys on a Branch?  Clouds?

Aack!  I can't think of anything.  Jewelry making or repairing?  Ummm, maybe.

12 or so years ago I was doing a lot of beading for earrings, bookmarks, necklaces.  Then I gradually stopped to where I was only doing an occasional repair of some existing item.

My daughter asked me, a month ago, if I could shorten a necklace I had made for her.  I did that.  Then Christmas Day she asked if I could fix a necklace which had come apart at the jump rings. THEN  I was sitting there at my beading table, but there were items all around and excitement rose in me.   

The necklace for repair.  I only had silver jump rings so of course I had to go to the bead store.

Since the bead store was closed, I took out a kit I bought from Cocopah.  a couple of years ago but didn't make it.

It's started now and nearly finished. Pretty beads.

Golly, what a mess.

Here are a couple of items I have made in the past, some are potential gifts others I wear.

A necklace on silk cord.

A close up blur of the beads


                                                                              This is a book thong aka a book mark.  I saw some for sale in a bookstore for $6. Then I made some. They don't fall out if you drop your book.

One season, or actually only a month, I got excited about making beads from paper.  Here are some I made, but never used them. Still I think they are pretty.

Here are some earrings I made that I wear especially the middle ones.  The reason I don't wear the one on the right is I've misplaced its partner.  The red and black ones were perfect for my red and black opera outfit which I no longer have.  Perhaps I should have included the earrings when I gave it away.

Last my absolute favorite me-made item.  I did copy it from a beading book,  I made it with gold wire, citrine, and co-ordinating beads.   It's prettier in person.

That's all for this post.  Happy New Year.
God Bless You.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Nothing, but Wait

I feel rather badly that I have not written anything for over a month.  Possibly because I've not had anything of interest to say.. Even as I write this,  I'm wondering why as I still don't have anything fascinating to say.

Hey wait!   I could tell you about going to the Mendocino Art Center which I went to in November.  I went with my grandson, Charles.  He was given a jewelry making class as a graduation gift and  I decided to take class in art, Big Art.   The art center has rooms and apartments to rent right on the campus so we stayed in one of them.  So handy!  It took about a minute to walk to class.

This is view of our room. Full bed for me and a comfy twin for C.  It's behind the red chair.  There was a kitchen and of course a bathroom.  Both small, but big enough.

Charles' class was three days.  He was able to make 2 rings.  He had wanted to make rings for a couple of years.  He enjoyed it and would like to take more classes but closer to home.

Pretty great aren't they?  I wish I had been able to get a photo of him actually working on them.  I didn't, rats.

In my art class, I made two pieces.  One is about the size of a poster.  It's done with mixed media, old dictionary pages, some old sheet music,  tissue paper, paint, molding paste etc.  It is my finest work so far.  It is now hanging on my wall.  Maybe I will get it framed.  I love it.  You may not, but that's okay.

It's quite textural.  It makes me smile when I look at it. To my mind that's what one's art should do.

On the second day, our teacher gave us canvas that is 4 1/2 feet square.  We thumb-tacked them on a wall and set to coating them with white house paint, to seal the fabric.  Cynthia had brought all this interior house paint for us to use after the white.

Look at all those 

My "Big Art" turned out to be another abstract.  A really big abstract.  It's hanging out in the garage as I am hoping to do a bit more with it before I have it framed or at least attached to boards some how.   I have three photos of it as it progressed.

Some paint and some tissue paper.

The big fish I didn't like.

See the fish?   It's too dark now and although I don't hate it, it needs to be lighter.

I will fix it.

Thank you for stopping by.  I recommend art.  It's fun and it feels good.  Well, most of the time.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Current and Proposed Projects


I will, I will, I will finish the duffles.  There were actually 4 to do and one is done. One is half done, another is cut out and waiting,  I can't remember about #4.

One on the right is not finished, No lining.


But the one on the left is complete.

I had trouble with the piping on the ends of the bags. Perhaps practice is what I need.  Piping does add a certain je ne sais pas to the duffles. Also to other things.

I think when the lining is added to the bag on left. it will help smooth out the wrinkly piping.

I found the pattern as a tutorial from SewCanDo by way of Sew She Can.  I changed the pattern a bit.
#1  I found that lining the straps with the same fleece as the bag made them too difficult to turn right side out.  I left the fleece out of the straps.  A lighter interfacing though might make them less floppy.
#2 I had to change the way I added the zipper because when I did it like the photo, it didn't work.  So I looked at the photo taken after the zip was sewn in and worked backwards.
Otherwise I think they are cute.  So hoping to finish all by Thanksgiving.

I have some spinning to do.  Well, actually, plying.  The spinning's complete.  Oops, what I should have said is, 'some' spinning is done.

This one is plied.  It's called Salsa Caliente.  

The one I need to ply is below. However, I have forgotten it's name.

It's all ready, I just need to do it.

Weaving.   Finally got the new warp tied on to the old warp.  New experience for me.  It worked!

It's tied on but not beamed.  I have no photo of that.  
What I have is a picture of the start of a new set of towels.

This was meant to be a  more sagey green that this or maybe just a deeper hue.  It's a Finnish twill pattern.

There are soooooooooooooooo many more projects in my world to be completed. These have been 5 of them.

May God make His Face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fabric Love

Just a photo essay of fabric, because I love it.  Some of these photos are from my Pinterest board titled "Fabric is Fabulous".  Enjoy the beauty, it's free of charge. Also it doesn't take up space in your house.

A batik that says fall, Halloween, pumpkins, vines and jack-o-lanterns.

I love the muted colors on this one.



Harris Tweed

I love the bunnies

Renaissance Man - Fountain Pens - Vanilla Cream  I am dying here.:

What to make with this one?

So that's my fabric photo essay.  Maybe you could go write your own essay today.

That's all.