Monday, October 26, 2015

Pretty Short

Remember  these fabrics?

I finished the shirts so here they are.

For my son-in-law

For my grandson.

Now this photo's color is washed out. See below for one I took without the flash.

See too dark, but closer to how it looks.  Maybe I will get a photo of the guys wearing them.  I made a skirt for my daughter then failed to get a photo before I gave it to her. Here's hoping I get one with her in it sometime soon.

Remember batiks? Here.   I made a blouse for myself from one. It's not one of the ones I already posted. This one has an Octobery feel.

Oh, yes, one of my favorites.  Here's another.  An oldy.  This is one I made as a scrub top to wear when I was working as an RN.  It's well worn and still loved.

Must get back to sewing.  I'm enjoying it so much.  I've neglected my other hobbies for a few weeks. Oh there was the 6 hours I spun on the second weekend of this month.   But mostly sewing.

Enjoy  Fall, maybe dress up for Halloween, be kind to Trick or Treaters,  and thank the Lord for changing seasons,   bye.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sometimes there is a lot to say and sometimes there isn't anything to say.   I'm not sure which time this is.  Let's start with a photo. Clouds?  Fabric? Pets? Ocean? Self-portrait?  Okay, no self-portrait.

Surprise!   It's yarn.   This is yarn from Three Waters Farm.  I discovered them on Etsy.  Here is their website.   I love the colors in this yarn, but I no longer buy yarn.  They also sell roving. That's fiber which is ready for spinning.  

This remarkable cat belongs to my cousin. He is Jack Flash. (the cat not my cousin)

I know you were just hoping to see more clouds.  One morning, when I was up at the mailboxes, this was the sky.  See another.

Pretty cool.

Remember this dress?  It was a UFO that I finally finished.  Then I gave it to a friend of my daughter for her daughter.  And looky.

She is so cute, eh?

And I have been cooking.  Yes, cooking. Trying to put away some food for when my cooking muse leaves town.

Moroccan Vegetable Stew

I understand.  Now you're hungry.  Go. That's fine. Enjoy.