Friday, November 21, 2014

The vest is done 2

I made my sister a vest a month or so ago see post here.  The pattern I used for it I had originally bought to make myself a fleece vest and so I have.

Please excuse the glare on my spectacles,  This was the best of several views so I went with it in spite.  I still struggled with the zipper.  This time I think it was my inexperience with fleece that caused the problem.  But one can't  tell from a distance, eh?  So I'm going to live with it.  It is nice and warm.

I am awaiting fabric for a robe as a gift and so it's off to make more bags for the co-op.  I went in yesterday and there were only five of the ten I made left.  Hooray for new members!  

So short and sweet. May your Thanksgiving be pleasant and not too filling.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Truly Whatever

Hello.  Have I said how much I love Autumn?  I have?  It bears repeating. I Love Fall!

Under the maple tree at the medical building.

Oh, turning leaves are beautiful, yes?  But I also love the misty, rainy days that happen after a rainless spring and summer.

The view out the window while paying bills yesterday.  How easily distracted I am.

Earlier yesterday, the rain stopped and the little birds came out looking for goodies.  The new green grass is out and the old brown summer grass is fading away. I love my fall flag.

Now don't despair.  There is sewing.  It's only bags for the Co-op, but there are ten of them.

I had fallen behind my 3 each week so I made these up and now I should keep it up.  

Also now is the Christmas sewing.  I have 5 things to make as gifts and one I've cut out for me so should whip that one up right away. It's a fleece vest in a lime green from the same pattern as my
 my sister's vest. We'll see how it goes.

Autumn Leaves sung by Nat King Cole

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I've been busier than normal all of October and November is kind of starting off like that. Okay, I'm done whining.

In June I wrote a post about a trip to Pacific Grove, Monterey and Big Sur with  my daughter.  And we went again. This time Alex had a librarian conference to go to so I tagged along. The weather was unbeatable.

We went to the Nepenthe Cafe Kevah. 

Along Highway 1, the ocean seemed to glow .
Bixby Creek Bridge, I love this bridge.
I drove on down then stopped and looked back.
That's it. My love post for Big Sur.

Come back, there's sure to be some sewing going on.