Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bad, Bad Blogger

So it has been more than a month since I wrote anything.  And to be honest, I really didn't want to do this today.  Nevertheless, here I am.   Ahhh. Now what to write about.  Okay.  I'll start with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.   

Last fall I auditioned for a part in the Imagination Theater production of Alice.  Lo and behold, I was chosen for a part.  It was not Alice nor was it the White Rabbit.  This is fine as Alice is a young girl, not a woman and the Rabbit needed high energy.  Not me, ha.

Nope, I wasn't chosen for the Cheshire Cat.  But that is fine as the one who did get it is wonderful.

I was not invited to the tea party.

Perhaps you would never guess, so I will just give you a hint.

As I mentioned, not Alice, soooooo

Yup, I'm Dum.
(He's the one in the middle.)

Here are some photos of the current portrayals.

The wonderful Sarah as the White Rabbit.

Alice by Taryn

Here is Alice by Tessa along with the Caterpillar (Mackenzie)

Two young ladies were cast as Alice. They do alternate performances both are excellent.

The Mad Hatter and March Hare at the Tea Party
Jan (l) and Morgan

Don't you love her Cheshire Cat grin?

The talking flowers

The Knave of Hearts and the other cards.

The fabulous Queen (Kathleen) and delightful Bud (Gianna)

And of course, the Tweedles

Tweedle Dee (Kim)

Tweedle Dum (yours truly)

Ours is a small but wonderful local theater.  They have produced many great shows including Les Miserables which I participated in.  2013
Imagination Theater

I want to thank them for making my dream of singing, dancing and acting on stage a reality.

 Although I didn't mention every actor or character, all of my cast mates do a grand job and are fun to be with. Here are the ladies of dressing room A being goofy.

Come see us any Thursday or Friday evening or Saturday or Sunday afternoon in February 2017.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine
 Proverbs 17:22