Monday, June 30, 2014

Am I Blue?

Not exactly.  It is summer as evidenced by the 90+ temperatures. Blue is such a refreshing color.  So I'm making another blue skirt.

 Here is the view. There are
solid color gores between
                                      the panels.  I will make mine another print .

 Here's the 2 fabrics.

This is a close up of the main skirt.

I have it all cut out so will be posting the finished (note I said finished) project soon.

Did I mention how I decided to take a photo a day?  I started June 4. 2014.  So far I have missed two days, so I put a little reminder alarm in my phone.  That seems to be working so far.  I promise I won't do this every day, but here is yesterday's snap.

O beautiful for spacious skies . . .

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cats and Pots

This is Zorro's pot formerlly the home to Japanese blood grass. Perhaps it bled to death.  This summer it can be a cat bed.

Eddie is cuddling to the Japanese maple.  Zorro is sans pot for now.

This was a few years ago.  The old deck and railing, old house color. Same cute cat.  Edward P. Cat aka Eddie Spaghetti.

This is also a couple of years ago.  That summer Zeke spent lots of nap time here.  This planter is now too full of thyme and oregano to interest him.

            Not in the pot, not behind the pot, Eddie is just with the pots.

                     Others nap too, but not in pots. On sofas.  Yay for naps!
                What if you took one right now?  Sounds nice, eh?  Go ahead.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bag done

I am not happy with the bag.  The handles, although not hard to make, were tricky to sew together to form the loop.   See the finished item below.  Since there were four fabric on the outside I show two views outside and just a peek at the inner.

The color is bad again, but for reference the handles are a bright lime green.

Side one

Side two

Inside.  I really like that inner fabric.  It would like a nice summery top.  Instead it's where it will be seldom seen. Alas.

That's really all for now.  I have a skirt to sew (Not another one?) and after that a 1850's period correct dress for my volunteering at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park.    I've been working on my corset. More later on all of that.

Zorro contemplates the edge of the world.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Minute in Time

Just now I went out to survey the garden as I've been watering the tomatoes to much and the blossoms have been dropping off.  I watered Monday today is Thursday.  I worry.  But the garden looked fine. No shriveled plants from dehydration.  It's breezy and rather mild so I sat on the old wooden bench that's next to the house and just enjoyed the view.

(This doesn't play like a video, very choppy. I'm sorry)

The hill is always brown in summer, but I rather like it. Just in front of me is the thyme and next to  it an old lavender that's gone a bit woody. The lovely pink oleander then up the hill to the oaks and blue blue sky.  Once more back to the thyme and the nice tall spires that stick out from them.  Weeds I should pull and haven't and, to be honest, may not.  They add something, I think.  Up again to the pine than sprouted all on it's own where I couldn't get anything to grow. Twenty or more years ago.

One minute in time.  So pleasant. A minute among others for which I thank the Lord.

Here's an update photo of the bag I'm making.  Interrupted at the machine yesterday in mid seam.  Back at it today.  Might even finish it.

Rejoice for this is a day that the Lord has made.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Out in the garden

Hi. I must go water, it's going to be 90 something.  Actually, I have done about 2/3 of the watering so only a bit left. Here's what's happening in the garden.


                                      Cozelle squash blossoming

Pole beans hugging the poles.

Potatoes in a pet food bag.

Knucklehead pumpkin blossom

My white oleander, big

Spiderwort. The newest addition.

Come on, everyone, let's get out there and dig.

Friday, June 20, 2014

20 June 2014

If you think this is the pier in Cayucos, California on a foggy day, you'll only be partly right.  It is Cayucos at 5:30 AM.  I arrived home a couple of days ago.  This is actually the view from our window at On The Beach B&B.  My two sisters and I met up there and enjoyed the town, the hotel, the beach and each others' company.  If you do click on the link, there is a picture of the lobby with a quilt hanging on the wall.  The lady who made the quilt is also the cook.  A hot breakfast and a happy hour with appetizers were served daily as well as a great house-made dessert in the evening.  If you go to the 'rooms' link, the top photo is the room we stayed in.  Notice the view.

Here is the appetizer from day one. Clockwise from top, arugula salad with choice of toppings  (pecans, raisins for me) a yummy quiche, a savory quinoa cake.

After all the talking was done or nearly so, we went into Morro Bay about 5 miles south so I could go to The Cotton Ball. This is a favorite quilt, fabric, home decor store.  I mentioned it a previous post. Monkey on the Branch

I took this photo there this week.  However they are moving from this location soon.  Still in Morro Bay.

I bought this pattern. There was a sample made up from the larger version on the front of the envelope.  It was entirely different in fabric from the photo, not quite so bold.

I bought batiks.  I love batiks.  Upon arriving home I washed the chosen ones and . . .

. . . here they are.  I have spread them out on the loom while Zorro completely ignores me. They are beautiful, yes?  Yes!!!

Because I am finishing up a project this weekend, I'll start the bag on Monday or perhaps sooner. Chi sa?  (Who knows--in Italian)

                                 Please come again.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm still around

Been busy and/or preoccupied.  I've done some sewing, knitting, gardening and thinking.  The last was so exhausting. 

Today is Father's Day.  My dad passed away in 1981. My memories of him are rich and full.  I was 38 when he died, I do wish I could ask him a few questions now as I'm closer to his age.  I would love to hug him. Like many dads, he used to dance me around a room on his toes when I was little.  That was fun!  He took me ice skating and fishing and read to me.  Kipling's "Just So Stories", "How the Elephant Got His Trunk" being my favorite.  He always did the voices.
My dad was born in 1908.  He was the eldest of four.  He used to install sound systems in movie theatres when they started having talkies.  He and my mother met when he went into a Kansas Western Union office to send a telegram.  That's where Mom worked in 1930.

Here's Dad and puppy in the early 1940's, pre-me.

Happy Father's Day to all.

 A sunset in  England.  I did not take this photo, but I wish I knew who did so I could congratulate them on gorgeous picture.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Been visiting and more

I've just had most of a lovely week with my daughter, Alex, who lives in another state. We took a 2 night 3 day trip to the Monterey Bay area and Big Sur.  I did not get a photo of her in the skirt  but it fit and she likes it.
Here is a couple photos from our trip.

This is a stop along the 17 Mile Drive which is part of Pebble Beach in Pacific Grove. Not the greatest photo, but the weather was superb.  I was much into enjoying what I saw rather than capturing it in photos.

This is the Lone Cypress.  Very famous. Very old. Two hundred-fifty years old, it is believed. I'm sorry about the strange woman who managed to get in my picture..

On Thursday we drove to Big Sur.  We ate brunch at Cafe Kevah ( if you look at the photo on the right, the far edge of the patio? We sat there).  This is a cafe serving brunch all day, it's part of the Nepenthe a long time restaurant in Big Sur.  Did you ever see "The Sandpiper"  with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Eva Marie Saint and Charles Bronson?  Remember the Academy Award winning song, 'The Shadow of your Smile '?  Well, anyway it was filmed in Big Sur and there are scenes at the Nepenthe which looks much the same today.

Later we went to Pfeiffer State Beach.  It was busy as the weather was so good, but we found a spot to sit and enjoy the ocean and rocky cliffs.

It has long been my habit to take a photo of my foot where ever I go. I have many such photos.   Perhaps I will soon share some with you.  I chose my foot as my feet are a part of my body I appreciate very much.

Bye bye for now.  Another skirt it in the works so stand by.
P.S Sometimes the YouTube links have ads. I'm sorry.