Friday, August 14, 2015

I am a Dud

That's with a capital D.  A blogger dud.  But I haven't been idle.  Well, not very idle anyway.   I've made some bags for the Coop, and a couple of aprons for people I like (love).  You will have to take my word on this as I failed to take any photos.   Also I have wound a warp for my next weaving project.   I have a photo of it waiting to be tied on.   It is a natural colored 10/2 cotton for towels. The weft will be red for 2 towels and a lovely blue for 2.  More later.

Today I have a goal of cutting out 2 men's shirts and a skirt.  I have bought some cool fabric with a kind of Halloweeny feel.  There are photos of the fabric here today.

Meanwhile I am continuing to study watercolor painting online.  I finished my pear class.  See :D

Since I received a tablet for my birthday, I have not only resumed online classes in a variety of subjects, but also begun studying Italian and Swedish on DuoLingo.   My head is almost as full as when I was in nursing school.   Okay, not really.

Jag ar en kvinna.   (2 dots over the a in ar)  means "I am a woman."
I can also say  Jag ar (2 dots) en pojke.   This is not a true statement, however, as it means "I am a boy."

In high school I had 4 years of Spanish and 2 of French,  I've studied Italian on my own or with Rosetta Stone for several years.  So why not Swedish, eh?

One more photo for this post.  Was that a sigh of relief I just heard? Oh, anticipation?  I see.   I took this one last evening on the deck. The air was cool and soft.  Watching my new watercolor class seemed like a good idea,  on my new tablet. Heehee.

I call this one "Tabby and Tablet".  Good choice,  I believe.

Hejda for nu.

This is "good bye for now" in Swedish.  There's a tiny 'o' over the a and those 2 dots over the o.  I haven't learned this on DuoLingo so I used Google translate.


  1. Those are some nice looking pears! ~ JF

    1. Thank you JF. I appreciate your comment. :)

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