Thursday, January 7, 2016

Doggie Christmas Presents

As promised yesterday, here are some dog presents.  Don't get too excited because they are all the same thing only different fabric.  I am putting them on in the order in which I made them. 

For Lady D. who lives in a faraway state with my son and his wife.

Joann had a big sale on flannel right before Christmas.  So there are dogs on one side; a solid aqua on the other. 

It is about 42" sq. and tied with pearl cotton in orange.

This is Lady D though a bit blurry.  I don't have a photo of her on her gift. Maybe soon.

Sacramento granddogs next. 

So we have black and white paws on one side and black and white bones on the other. Good for a white dog, yes?

Yes!  And Sonny knows how to pose.

Last but by no means least is George's blanket.

To be similar to his brother, we have brown and white paws. And to be his own; pale green with brown and white dots.

And here's Georgie!!  He's cuddling to his new blanket.  He likes it in his crate with him.

He's here because he likes it. He is not in trouble.

Perhaps you may wonder (are you wondering?) what of Sophie? Did she get a blanket?  Perhaps she got a warm sweater?  Perhaps special Christmas dinner treat?  Nope.  She got no Christmas gifts from her mom at all.  She got some liver treats from Elizabeth and she loves them.

Sophie does know how to stay warm, however. Please note:

She is a champion heater hog!

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