Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Challenge for Me

Welcome to my blog.  It's a personal challenge for me to finish the many unfinished projects I have here in my home.   I spent quite a bit of time finding and photographing the 66 projects.  Although beading is also a hobby I enjoy,  I didn't include bead projects.  I may be adding them in later.  So . . . 

My  list:
  •  Sewing    22  unfinished
  •  Quilting   16  unfinished
  •  Knitting   24  unfinished
  • Weaving    2   unfinished     
  • Basketry    2   unfinished   (there won't be more, not my   favorite)
My  plan:
  • Finish these unfinished projects in 15 months
  • One sewing project per week
  • One knitting project per month
  • Weaving and Baskets will be finished
  • Buy no new fabric or yarn during this time
  • Enjoy it because I know I do.
  • Do it because I want to say I did it! 

Starting  with :
  •  On the far right,  it's a knitted hoodie. Knitting from the neck down then adding on the hood.
  •   Although I'm retired from nursing, I had one scrub top cut out.  I'll start with this one. On Valentine's Day I can wear it.  Or not. 

Do you have unfinished projects?  Come along and join me.  

Post Script: This used to be called Finishing the Unfinished. I changed the name in March 2014.  SF

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  1. Wow! What an impressive project! Very ambitious, but I'm sure you're up for it.