Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ocean Beach Shore

I miss the coast.  It doesn't have to be a tropical beach with surfers and volleyball.  Sand castle building is always nice.

I found this one. Wow!  The rock surround.  There was no one nearby to claim it though I expect the waves eventually did.

Unless otherwise noted the following photos are by me. Some have been in a post before.

Clouds, ocean, shore, ahhhh.

A tropical island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pomponio Beach, CA
A wonderful place to be in March 2016

There must be a lighthouse sometimes. Cape Disappointment, WA.

This next photo I got from the internet.  I want to go to this beach some day  Actually there are many coasts I wish to see.

In Cornwall

A sea bird is calling my name. Farewell for now.


  1. I must ask, why is it called Cape Disappointment?

    1. A British explorer was sailing south from British Columbia in 1788 looking to trade, but after running into a storm he turned back just missing the mouth of the Columbia River. The cape is just north of the Columbia in Washington. The river is the border between Washington and Oregon.
      We were there I knew that, but today I had to look it up.