Monday, September 2, 2013

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Country CurtainsHappy Weekend.  It's kind of weird about weekends now that I'm retired.  It wasn't too much of a transition, however, because when I was working I worked many weekends and holidays.  But because I now have every day off, I sometimes forget when it's a weekend and try calling some business or other.  Being in the production of Les Miserables, has helped me to beware of what day of the week it is.  It's not a job, but I must attend. Imagination Theater in Placervillie, CA   is where I'll be most of the time for September, October, November and December.  It's going to be great!

Check back here for more costume pictures.

My second child, Alex, is here visiting me from Arizona where she is the Emerging Technologies Librarian at Cochise College.  (You know I just love saying that.)  This is part of the reason there are no updates. on my challenge.  I am still knitting and sewing, but not as much as I will when she has to go home.  I want her to stay and perhaps live around the corner from me.

Did you know that to become a librarian you must have a Master's degree in Library Science?  Yep, you do.  Here is Alex at her graduation.  She is entitled to wear that drape( it's called a hood) at every graduation ceremony in which she participates.  Fancy.

And here she and I are behind our Foster Grants ( they're not really that brand) when I visited her last year.  We were at the Biosphere 2 outside of Tucson.

Biosphere 2

Changing the subject now. About 3 years ago I completely redid my large living-dining area. Floors (I had always wanted wood),  paint (color not off-white) and furniture ( Pottery Barn and IKEA).  Then I got curtains ( Country Curtains and PB). I had made the small curtain for the kitchen earlier from a farm scene fabric and the glass deck door curtain from a sheet.  You remember me mentioning sheets?  Well, now.  The glaring problem is that door curtain.  It's awful, a kind of dead grey-blue.  Well, readers, look what Alex found.

A little slice of this on the door would be pretty nice.

Here are two others I also like.  All of these are at  Here is the  page.   And there are more to see.

You can see the door and it's pretty awful curtain in a Christmas photo from last year.  Also the curtains from Country Curtains are visible  No PB furniture showing, but the table cloth is from there and there's an IKEA bookcase to the right of the door.

Come back and see me, but don't wait until Christmas..

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