Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shall we talk about . . . .

Fabric?  Since you said yes, let's do.  How much do you love it?  Have you thought about moving so you would have more room for it?  Have you obtained a storage unit to accommodate it?  Do you ever buy fabric just because it's gorgeous even though you haven't any idea what you're going to do with it?  Do you think making your house look something like a fabric store would make you feel good all over?  Have you ever been to Britex?  In San Francisco?  Four stories of fabric and notions?  That is the biggest fabric store I was ever in.  Take a tour here. This takes you to the first floor, but you can see a sample of all the floors.

This is just a sample of the walls there.  Please note the ladder needed to get to those top shelves.  Ooowhee!
I actually gasped when I walked into this place the first time. (Photo from internet)

I also love The Cotton Ball.  It's in Morro Bay, California.  It's not terribly far from the Hearst Castle.  In fact, my family and I were visiting there some years ago.  In our motel room, the TV played places to go in the area. One look at The Cotton Ball and I knew I had to go there.

This is the view from the entrance.  I took a photo exactly like this, but I couldn't find it.  So again this one is from the net. This is it's second location.  It was originally on Morro Bay Blvd. Now it's on Main Street.

 Here's the family at Hearst Castle. It was a few years ago.  The baby there is my 15 year old grandson, Charles.
(See previous post)

L-R John, Alex, Charles, Gary and

Well,  I didn't start out to talk about fabric shops, but I love to go to them.  I have also bought fabric online.   These three have always come through with great fabric.  I have ordered more from eQuilter recently.  Big Horn Quilts is another favorite.  I used to ordered from Craft Connection, but they don't seem to be in business any more.  All carry brand-name fabrics.  Yay for fabric!!!

Now you are going to be disappointed both by the quality of the photographs and by the subject matter.   The only reason for my posting these is  show my fabric storage.  Forgive me, but I just couldn't take all the pieces out of the boxes and bins.  Please keep in mind as you look, there is more.  I've 2 big totes over flowing with lovely stuff in my bedroom,  There maybe another bin or two in the garage or basement, but I thought I brought it all in.
 My room is painted in Southern Sun and it certainly is yellow. It tends to put a yellow tinge on everything in photos..The bins on the shelf hold quilt fabric, fat quarters and such.  See my red blouse
More quilt fabric here, under the cutting table. The cardboard boxes have fabric and or patterns. I also have those plastic bags in which comforters/ blankets etc come.

Oh shield your eyes.  The inside of the closet is painted a cantaloupe color.  These big totes have large fabric pieces. The ones on the shelve more quilt potentials.  One the right in the foreground is a fabric tote with more fabric on top.  

Did I say I love fabric?   Here's the proof.

The costumes are coming along and by next week I should be able to devote some time to my Sewing Project #2.  Continuing to knit a bit. Two rounds in 40 minutes. Amazing. For me anyway.   Perhaps I'll go do a little knitting right now. Say 40 minutes or so.          Oh wait!  

                      Someone's been sleeping in my chair!
See you soon I hope.

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