Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Costumes finished

Just stopping by to say I'll soon be writing a real post.  The costumes are finished, that is, my part of  it.   I am relieved.  I have taken my poor hard working machine to the shop for tender care and fixing the reverse.    I have my other older machine which is a wonderful one though in doesn't have as many decorative stitches as the newer one.

I was thinking about getting a serger.  I'm not thinking about it any more.  The one I thought would work for me was the BabyLock Imagine.  Oh, goodness it's $2900 and I'm just not going there.  I realize there are less expensive sergers but they are not self-threading.  At my age with my vision I would need the self-threading type.

 Sometimes I do some mixed-media fun projects.

This a piece I did for my daughter.  On the From side there's a map of the area I live in as the base while on the To side the base is a map if her town.

It was meant as a tag, but also some that could be hung on a plant or hook.  Fun

I made some other labels to stick into the holder on the front.

Please come on back and see what I'm up to next.  Remember January I'll return to my challenge.  Ta Ta.

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