Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hey, it's almost January!

Hiya to everyone.  It is almost January.  Don't get me wrong I love Christmas,  I love celebrating God's greatest gift, the first coming of my Lord.  I love the decorating and the family time. The music and general good will.  Somehow this year January looks  so  ripe with potential and it's because being in Les Miserables has consumed a great deal of my life.  Our last show is December 30th and so January 2nd seems like a gateway to marvelous new things.

So please keep checking back   I will Finish the Unfinished this bright new year of 2014

We don't often get snow here in the foothills, but we had a lovely one on the 6th of December this year.

If you are reading this before Christmas, do have a happy one,  If it's after, just remember it's almost January.  Or perhaps it's already here!

 A bit of color to send you on your way.  Come back when ever you care to, you're always welcome.

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  1. And...a happy Christmas to you too. Just between you and me, I'm looking forward to January also...let's get this act together and finish something other than presents. seeyaP