Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hi, it's me unabashed sock lover.  My children will tell you that socks are, perhaps, an obsession with me.  However, I have no idea when this began. It wasn't always like it is now.
  It may have started in 1994 when I got my first job as a nurse.  We graduates had longed for the chance to get out of our student uniforms and into the cute scrubs we had seen at the hospitals where we obtained our clinical experience.  For me, this was not to be,  I was hired at a Catholic hospital where all nurses wore white.  (Oh, Hallelujah, we did not have to wear our caps.  Mine looked unlike any nurse cap I had ever seen.)  Consequently, I tried to accessorize my whiteness with color. I got a turquoise stethoscope and little belt pack to carry my tools and bandages and tape.  When not wearing a skirt, I wore the most colorful socks I could find.  It made me happy to see them whenever I got a moment to sit.

Today, I have many socks. 
I have a section for ankle socks, one for knee socks, one for handknit, and a large drawer for the crew style socks.  Most of them are in good shape, but some may have holes.  I have a hard time throwing them away, and I have learned to darn.

Did she say 'darn'?  What is that?

It's a way to repair holes by making a little woven section in the hole using a similar thread or yarn.
The following photos are from my collection.

 Ankle socks

Knee socks

Crew socks, all mine.

Several years back I took a sock knitting class at Lofty Lou's yarn shop in Placerville, Ca.  My teacher, Pam, taught me and also became my good friend.  What a deal I got that day!!

These are the socks I made. My first ones!  Note the difference in the toes.  The left was easier, but the right looks nicer and I've done it that way ever since.

As you may know, socks are a very portable project.  I took them occasionally to the theater to be productive during off stage times.

See the beginnings of a yellow/green sock there on the pillow?  I recently started finishing it.  Much to do yet.
Doing the gussets and it is tedious.  I'm using size one needles and I have the feeling I'm using toothpicks.

See these?

I fell in love with them HERE.  Knitted by Stephanie Pearl-McFee.

Here are mine,  I didn't take time to make them line up as Stephanie did with hers.

                                    It's okay,  I love them anyway.

Only one more,  I've one sock done in this striped yarn color Red Lips and Smoky Eyes and started on the second. For my sister, Pat.

The colors are bright.  I think it may have been foggy in my house when I took these photos.

Come back soon, maybe next week, for more of something.

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