Friday, November 21, 2014

The vest is done 2

I made my sister a vest a month or so ago see post here.  The pattern I used for it I had originally bought to make myself a fleece vest and so I have.

Please excuse the glare on my spectacles,  This was the best of several views so I went with it in spite.  I still struggled with the zipper.  This time I think it was my inexperience with fleece that caused the problem.  But one can't  tell from a distance, eh?  So I'm going to live with it.  It is nice and warm.

I am awaiting fabric for a robe as a gift and so it's off to make more bags for the co-op.  I went in yesterday and there were only five of the ten I made left.  Hooray for new members!  

So short and sweet. May your Thanksgiving be pleasant and not too filling.

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