Saturday, November 15, 2014

Truly Whatever

Hello.  Have I said how much I love Autumn?  I have?  It bears repeating. I Love Fall!

Under the maple tree at the medical building.

Oh, turning leaves are beautiful, yes?  But I also love the misty, rainy days that happen after a rainless spring and summer.

The view out the window while paying bills yesterday.  How easily distracted I am.

Earlier yesterday, the rain stopped and the little birds came out looking for goodies.  The new green grass is out and the old brown summer grass is fading away. I love my fall flag.

Now don't despair.  There is sewing.  It's only bags for the Co-op, but there are ten of them.

I had fallen behind my 3 each week so I made these up and now I should keep it up.  

Also now is the Christmas sewing.  I have 5 things to make as gifts and one I've cut out for me so should whip that one up right away. It's a fleece vest in a lime green from the same pattern as my
 my sister's vest. We'll see how it goes.

Autumn Leaves sung by Nat King Cole

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