Friday, April 10, 2015

Checking in

I am still here.  So I'm checking in in case I'm missed.   Since I have finished my Finnish towels, but haven't a photo to share I'll skip that.

Did I tell you I bought a new loom? And while I was there I bought a spinning wheel as well. Both used.

My loom is a Gilmore 40" 4 harness  which I bought at the Gilmore Loom Company in Stockton, CA. When they get one of their looms back in trade, they clean and repair them and sell them with all the equipment that they sell with a new loom.

The owners had just received several items in from someone who was getting rid of them. Some looms and a couple of spinning wheels.  So crazy me, I bought a wheel that looks old fashioned to use at the Gold Discovery Park where I am a docent.  My other wheel, the Schacht Sidekick is just too modern.

You see what I mean?

All these photos are from the internet.

Well, I am off now. I'm cutting out several patterns so I can sew without having to cut out for a while.

       Another beautiful gift from God right out my back door. I happily share it with you.

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