Friday, April 24, 2015

Post 100

Sometimes when people hit a milestone they want to have a little review.  Me too.  So here goes.

When I started my blog, July 13,  2013, it was called Finishing the Unfinished.  Here is a photo of some of my unfinished items.

The yellow/green socks are finished. The blue pullover (rt) is coming along.

I really wanted to finish the things I had started but it didn't work out for me.  So I changed the name of my blog to Whatever Whenever.  And thus it has remained.

On looking back, I'm not sure at which post I changed the name because Blogger changed the name on all the posts.

The Monkey on the Branch  is one of my favorite posts.  I was showing off my new kitchen curtains which I started and finished in a timely manner.  That was post #14.

Here is the post from one year ago. Almost.  I find myself once again longing for the sea.  I hope that in the future I will live closer to it, so I can go more often.  Maybe every day.

I'll go here.  Want to go with me?

Alas, I have run out of enthusiasm for this post.  I was going to return to one 6 months ago and then a month ago,  but let me just suggest you look them up yourself if you happen to be interested.  The cloudy day has clouded my mind.  This is all right with me.  We are just hoping and praying there will be more rain.

If you like sewing, you may enjoy the The Great British Sewing Bee which you can find on You Tube.  There have been three seasons.  I started with season 2 and so far it's my favorite for the challenges, but all are great. Look for it here.


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