Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mulberry Handspun

I love it.  I really love it. What? Mulberry hand spun yarn by me.

This is it.

This close-up has a flaw. There is an appearance of a variegated area in the center of the skein.  It is really a solid color.

I went to a dye gathering with a small group I recently joined. Some brought fiber to dye and others brought yarn.

Here one of us is wrapping up her hand painted roving.  See anything familiar on the table?  Look at that red roving. The original color of the wool is grey.

More of our lovely dyed fiber.  It was fun and a great learning experience for me.  Perhaps I will try it again.

Would you like to try dyeing?  Did you know you can use Kool-aid unsweetened powder as a dye?  I'm sure there are directions for doing this online. My daughter dyed some white yarn a couple of years ago using Kool-aid.  Unfortunately, I wasn't home to see the process, but the results were impressive.

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