Saturday, May 30, 2015

Short and Sweet

Hi all
I made salmon tonight from my Wednesday delivery from Blue Apron.  Their photo then mine.
That's Seared Salmon on spinachy barley with sorrel and dill on top.
There's mine looking small, but I think that's because it is a big plate.

And hurray,  I finished the shirt for my son-in-law.  Here it is.
This is, of course, without him in it.  Maybe I will get a photo of him wearing it sometime.
It's map fabric in greys, white, pale blue, tan.  I found the buttons in my button box and they work well with it.

My cat, Eddie, has discovered the blue rug I set my spinning wheel on.
He doesn't seem to mind sharing.
Silly Eddie.  

Until next time, eat a piece of cake.  Enjoy.

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