Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2015

Hi everyone.  This is not a post.  I have no post for today.  I guess I haven't had a post for a few weeks now.  So  I'm going to put some photos up.  When I return from John. C Campbell Folk School, I will post.  As Heart says (I may have quoted them before) "That's a promise and a threat."

Photo 1

Johnny Jump Up 2013

Photo 2

My foot in Key Largo 2010
You'll have to trust me on the location as you
can't tell from the photo.

Photo 3

A journal I made from a manila file folder

Photo 4

At the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA 2014
The woman in the teal fleece is standing upright and so is the photographer.
The woman is my daughter. 

Photo 5  
and final

Thank you, Lord, for clouds.

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