Friday, July 31, 2015

July Almost Gone

It is the last day of July.  A blissfully cloudy day bringing the temperature down to reasonable.  There was even a sprinkle of rain earlier this morning.

Sophie and I were just leaving for an early morning walk at Lotus Park aka Henningson Park.  It had stopped when I got to the top of the driveway.

There was no one at the park when we got there. So we enjoyed the quiet.

Looking to the east and then to the west. No one else. Not even geese which are often there on the grass.

Before long, though, people came to walk their dogs or just hang around.  There was a young man who ran the flags up the pole.

The big thing for me this month was my trip with my grandson to Tennessee and North Carolina for the J. C, Campbell Folk School Intergenerational Week.

The very first day we changed our minds about blacksmithing.  By mutual agreement we switched to clay/pottery.  It was a better fit for us.  The school kept us very busy with Morning Song and breakfast before class. Three hours of class then yummy lunch then back to class for three more hours.   Afterward,  the teens could go with the activities leader, Ted, and the adults could do whatever we wanted. They did have some planned things to do for the grown ups.  After dinner there were family games and/or dancing. And a talent show.

The following are some photos of our week in beautiful Brasstown, North Carolina.

Charles right there.

Ken, the blacksmith. An excellent instructor.

Monday night games.

Instructor Dylan (blue shirt) showing Charles the wheel.

The school ground were lovely and wide spread and hilly. There was a huge vegetable and flower garden and paths through the trees to keep us off the highway.

The Hill. Walking up this way every morning gave one a good appetite, a sweaty back and shortness of breath.  It seemed to get a bit easier as the week went on.  (Please note the highway. We should not walk on the highway.)

Upon reaching the top of the hill, I was a third of the way to the dining room.

Some of the garden photos I took.  We always went  after evening activities so it was twilight time in the garden.

These are views along the walk from Mill House (our rooms) to Keith House (meeting hall).  You know how I love clouds.  And this view of the hills and barn was shot from The Hill.

I recommend the folk school for individuals and for kids.  The Intergenerational Week was for 12-17 year olds, but they have another week which is for younger children and more like camp.

Here is a link to their catalog of classes.  Folk School catalog

Have a wonderful August.

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