Saturday, September 5, 2015

Things I've Been Doing

Hello People

I have been doing a thing or two and that is quite nice.   I have started to warp my new (to me) Gilmore loom for some kitchen towels.

I am happy to report that I have finished this part.  It's called sleying the reed.  Soon, like tomorrow, I must figure out my threading pattern so I can properly thread the heddles.  Since I am new to weaving I must check everything over and over.  More later.

Last weekend, August 28-30, Hangtown Fibers Guild had it's very first retreat.  Oh, my goodness,  was I going to walk to the bathroom or back from a shower without a robe?  It's been too darn hot for my long cold weather one.  Ah, yes, I can sew. So . . .

There is fabric.

There is a pattern.

There is a robe. Woohoo.

Now then there is the matter of that hideous big bush that is trying to take over the front walkway.  I seriously considered hiring some muscley person to come and rid me of it.  Then I thought, save your money.  Do it yourself.

It is so big that I could throw things into it, things that  made me unhappy, and they would disappear.  Sometimes they didn't quite disappear.   That was an empty plastic pot which I threw to disrupt a cat disagreement.

I have started.  It is so overgrown that under the green leafy part it's jungle of thick twigs and some pretty hefty branches.

About 1/8 of it cut out. You can almost see the stone edging I put along the walkway many years ago.  I'm  still thinking I may need someone a bit stronger to finish the job once I do all that I'm able.

I'll be back.

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