Friday, December 11, 2015

More SnowPeople and Other Things

Some might say I got carried away making snowpeople.

Well, I did.   A bit anyway.  See the one front left?  He's from a child's sock.   They make me smile.

I gave one to my nephew, it's not in this photo.  I used toothpicks for arms.  I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to him.

These little creations of mine were gifts to members of a hand weavers' guild I belong to.   I didn't get anything woven as gifts but my goodness what I received!   See the beautiful towels.

 I love every one of my towels, but I sure wish the photos did them justice.  I do appreciate the love and artistry behind this work.   

Do you remember these?   I love my towels too.  Watch for more towels and maybe some other gorgeous things in future.

In closing I leave you with the cloud photo.(oh, no, not another picture of clouds) Yes, because clouds are amazing!

Doesn't it look like bits of cloud are being pulled off  the large finger-like clouds?   This taken from my front porch.

More sooner than later.


  1. looks like they came out of a cloud machine and drop and ravel out into marshmello fluffs c2

    1. Dear Anonymous. Thank you for your comment. At first I thought you were talking about the snow people, but then I realized it was the clouds. Oh dear, I might need a nap.