Friday, May 13, 2016

Satchels again

I'm changing my satchel a bit by not using Velcro as fasteners.

The original call for a strip of it on the flap that closes the top of the bag and strips on either side to shape the bag, but open up for more room inside.

You can see the strip on the flap here. Also you can see how the sides of the bag are folded in, the Velcro strips hold the folds in place.

On this one you can see how the bag tapers up from the bottom.  You can see a button on the flap for decoration, but there's a Velcro strip actually doing the work.

So on my newest bag I did this:

I sewed a piece of elastic cord into the flap and then added the button for the closure.  No Velcro.

And this:

Magnetic snaps.

Pretty nifty.

More photos of new bag.


One of these days I will show my own bag filled to the brim for a weekend away.  You will then see how large it is.

I am rejoicing today because my dear cousin has come home from hospital .  So thankful.

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