Monday, May 23, 2016

Today It's a Photo Thing

Today I'm posting photos I love. Some I have taken, some others took, some found online.  No particular theme.


Cyclist in the mist*

         The Moon by Alphonse Mucha*

Beach View on         Cozumel

At West Coast Falconry, learning about birds of

1961 Clark Family
reunion in Antlers, OK

My grandmother is in the center with a corsage.

My grandson recording evidence from the mock crime scene at the Crime Scene Investigation program we took together.

Bison Beside the Road

I was playing with an app on my phone.

Last but not least, nurses having a roaring good time white water rafting. * (The man in the white cap is the guide, not a nurse)

I am the nurse in the front left.
*Photos taken by others/from internet.

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