Saturday, December 3, 2016

Nothing, but Wait

I feel rather badly that I have not written anything for over a month.  Possibly because I've not had anything of interest to say.. Even as I write this,  I'm wondering why as I still don't have anything fascinating to say.

Hey wait!   I could tell you about going to the Mendocino Art Center which I went to in November.  I went with my grandson, Charles.  He was given a jewelry making class as a graduation gift and  I decided to take class in art, Big Art.   The art center has rooms and apartments to rent right on the campus so we stayed in one of them.  So handy!  It took about a minute to walk to class.

This is view of our room. Full bed for me and a comfy twin for C.  It's behind the red chair.  There was a kitchen and of course a bathroom.  Both small, but big enough.

Charles' class was three days.  He was able to make 2 rings.  He had wanted to make rings for a couple of years.  He enjoyed it and would like to take more classes but closer to home.

Pretty great aren't they?  I wish I had been able to get a photo of him actually working on them.  I didn't, rats.

In my art class, I made two pieces.  One is about the size of a poster.  It's done with mixed media, old dictionary pages, some old sheet music,  tissue paper, paint, molding paste etc.  It is my finest work so far.  It is now hanging on my wall.  Maybe I will get it framed.  I love it.  You may not, but that's okay.

It's quite textural.  It makes me smile when I look at it. To my mind that's what one's art should do.

On the second day, our teacher gave us canvas that is 4 1/2 feet square.  We thumb-tacked them on a wall and set to coating them with white house paint, to seal the fabric.  Cynthia had brought all this interior house paint for us to use after the white.

Look at all those 

My "Big Art" turned out to be another abstract.  A really big abstract.  It's hanging out in the garage as I am hoping to do a bit more with it before I have it framed or at least attached to boards some how.   I have three photos of it as it progressed.

Some paint and some tissue paper.

The big fish I didn't like.

See the fish?   It's too dark now and although I don't hate it, it needs to be lighter.

I will fix it.

Thank you for stopping by.  I recommend art.  It's fun and it feels good.  Well, most of the time.


  1. The Mendocino Arts Center sounds like a great place, plus it's on the gorgeous CA coast. You should post an update when you make more progress in your second big art piece toward art-happiness.

    1. I recommend the art center, but wish it was closer. I hope to finish the 'big' one. Will definitely post about it when I do. Thank you, Alex.