Monday, January 2, 2017

Well, After All

It is a new year.  Everyone is saying so.  And it feels like a new year, so I guess it is.  Hummmmm.  What to talk about?  Sewing? Weaving? Spinning? Dogs? Cats?  Monkeys on a Branch?  Clouds?

Aack!  I can't think of anything.  Jewelry making or repairing?  Ummm, maybe.

12 or so years ago I was doing a lot of beading for earrings, bookmarks, necklaces.  Then I gradually stopped to where I was only doing an occasional repair of some existing item.

My daughter asked me, a month ago, if I could shorten a necklace I had made for her.  I did that.  Then Christmas Day she asked if I could fix a necklace which had come apart at the jump rings. THEN  I was sitting there at my beading table, but there were items all around and excitement rose in me.   

The necklace for repair.  I only had silver jump rings so of course I had to go to the bead store.

Since the bead store was closed, I took out a kit I bought from Cocopah.  a couple of years ago but didn't make it.

It's started now and nearly finished. Pretty beads.

Golly, what a mess.

Here are a couple of items I have made in the past, some are potential gifts others I wear.

A necklace on silk cord.

A close up blur of the beads


                                                                              This is a book thong aka a book mark.  I saw some for sale in a bookstore for $6. Then I made some. They don't fall out if you drop your book.

One season, or actually only a month, I got excited about making beads from paper.  Here are some I made, but never used them. Still I think they are pretty.

Here are some earrings I made that I wear especially the middle ones.  The reason I don't wear the one on the right is I've misplaced its partner.  The red and black ones were perfect for my red and black opera outfit which I no longer have.  Perhaps I should have included the earrings when I gave it away.

Last my absolute favorite me-made item.  I did copy it from a beading book,  I made it with gold wire, citrine, and co-ordinating beads.   It's prettier in person.

That's all for this post.  Happy New Year.
God Bless You.

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