Saturday, April 15, 2017


Is it True?

They sometimes say
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

It's also been said
That violets are blue and roses are red

I've heard reports
That some like the arts while others like sports.

Have they been discussed
Preventing  decay or removing rust?

On occasion they speak
Of  what they've found and who they seek.

Have there been mentions
Of heavenly streets paved with good intentions?

Has it been proclaimed
Who is at fault and who will be blamed?

You may well ask
 Is this the right time to complete the task?

One mustn't whine
It is almost the end and everything's fine.

The End

This poem was indeed written by me.  I like it perhaps you do too.  There may be more poems as I have plenty of them.  Please, if you use it, give me authorship.  Thank you

As it is nearly Easter, here is my favorite resurrection hymn.
May the Lord bless you every day.

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