Thursday, June 5, 2014

Been visiting and more

I've just had most of a lovely week with my daughter, Alex, who lives in another state. We took a 2 night 3 day trip to the Monterey Bay area and Big Sur.  I did not get a photo of her in the skirt  but it fit and she likes it.
Here is a couple photos from our trip.

This is a stop along the 17 Mile Drive which is part of Pebble Beach in Pacific Grove. Not the greatest photo, but the weather was superb.  I was much into enjoying what I saw rather than capturing it in photos.

This is the Lone Cypress.  Very famous. Very old. Two hundred-fifty years old, it is believed. I'm sorry about the strange woman who managed to get in my picture..

On Thursday we drove to Big Sur.  We ate brunch at Cafe Kevah ( if you look at the photo on the right, the far edge of the patio? We sat there).  This is a cafe serving brunch all day, it's part of the Nepenthe a long time restaurant in Big Sur.  Did you ever see "The Sandpiper"  with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Eva Marie Saint and Charles Bronson?  Remember the Academy Award winning song, 'The Shadow of your Smile '?  Well, anyway it was filmed in Big Sur and there are scenes at the Nepenthe which looks much the same today.

Later we went to Pfeiffer State Beach.  It was busy as the weather was so good, but we found a spot to sit and enjoy the ocean and rocky cliffs.

It has long been my habit to take a photo of my foot where ever I go. I have many such photos.   Perhaps I will soon share some with you.  I chose my foot as my feet are a part of my body I appreciate very much.

Bye bye for now.  Another skirt it in the works so stand by.
P.S Sometimes the YouTube links have ads. I'm sorry.

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