Monday, January 19, 2015

It's January 19th

This day is smack dab in the middle between the birthdays of my 2 daughters.  My son's birthday is in November. His birth in November made my mother very happy as that meant someone else shared her birth month.  Back to the girls.  They are 3 years apart.  Even when they were little we celebrated their birthdays separately.  We like to let each one be "The Big Cheese" for a day.

Here they are a few years ago in first day of school dresses.

Elizabeth (L) and Alex

Here they are a few years ago very near the first day of grad school.

Alex (L) and Elizabeth

Here they are a few months ago with their brother.

Alex (L) Elizabeth and John

I think I posted this one already, but this way those who may be new to this blog don't have to look back . . .

okay,  I was just about to write "to see the most wonderful children in the world"  but I'm going to spare you and them that motherly pride spiel.

About my projects,  I had a little set back on the weaving project. It's actually a good thing, because if I'd started weaving as it was my towels would have been a mess.  I had to unthread 1/2 the heddles and un-sley the whole reed. because I messed up.  It's okay. Live and learn.  So here's my re-threading photo.

The strings going up and down are the heddles, the pale green threads are my warp. You can see many on the right don't have warp through them.

Ahhhh, all threaded. Now for sleying the reed.

The shiny metal thing with slots is the reed. 
As you can (I hope) tell, I have lots more sleying to do.

I will return someday with finished towels and a pullover sweater and something else. 

Smile, it feels nice.

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