Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A show of hands,please, if you have a board or two on Pinterest.   Hands?  Ummmm. How about a show of hands if you have 5 or more boards?  Ahh, yes.  Now I see them.  Mine is also raised as I have a whopping 8 boards.  One of which includes Miscellany.  That one is so I can pin things I like that don't fit into other categories but I don't have to have another board.  When I decided to because a 'pinner', I decided not to be "one of those"  who have 25, 50, 100 or more boards.  I started with four and had only four for quite a while.  Then I added one more, later the Miscellany one I mentioned and just recently I added two,  the last ones are "Fabric is Fabulous" and "Yarn is Beautiful".

Some people who know me, know I am a stasher.  I have fabric, yarn, art supplies, and beading things stored throughout the house.  (I live alone so no one complains about this)  However, I have, or perhaps I'm starting to, become aware that stashing and my income are much less compatible than they were when I was working.  Hence the two new boards on Pinterest.   This way when I see fabric I want or a gorgeous yarn, I can have it at no cost and in a matter of seconds.

The following are photos from my Pinterest boards which I have often pinned from other places on the internet.

The "My Guys" board is a place to look at and remember heart throbs of the past and a couple of handsome guys of today.

Rossano Brazzi in 'Summertime'. A beautiful film with Katherine Hepburn set in Venice.  Oooo Eeeee, he was so good looking.
Rossano Brazzi

"What I Will Wear"  is to help me with style.  I actually haven't got a style so I need help.  Some of these photos I pinned from other boards on Pinterest which you can do,
Golden and charming

I like this, but not the blue hair part.

Not all of the ones I chose from Advanced Style are ones I would actually wear, but are ones  I admire when other older ladies wear them.   I just read today that some style magazines are starting to feature women of 'mature years' on their covers. Who gave them that brilliant idea?  It's about time!

From "Things I Might Make"

These are pretty cool.  I'm going to try making some, but I'm not sure when.  Summer?

And from "Home, garden, my place..."

Pinning dreams.

Next is from "Miscellaney"

Someone on Etsy does these.  I love what this one says.  I want to always "look again".

And last but not least one pin from my board "Where I've Been Where I'm Going".  ( I'm not doing any from yarn or fabric today.)

Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.  I was here in 1967 on my honeymoon. I did not take this photo, however.  From the internet.

Ciao. Ci vediamo presto. (Bye, see you soon.)

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