Friday, January 2, 2015

Okay, Yes, it's a Resolution.

We say we're not going to do it this year. We seldom keep them, but maybe sometimes.  One year I resolved not to eat in my car.  I kept that one for 6 whole months before something went wrong.  Does anyone remember my very first blog post?   I gave myself 15 months to finish 65 unfinished projects.  Then I auditioned for Les Miserables and that slowed down the original plan. It's been over 17 months now, but that's okay.  Some of my friends have told me I should not have counted items I hadn't started even if I had the pattern, fabric or yarn for them.  I'm now going with that.

You saw the costume for my friend's granddaughter, yes?

Here's is my 6 ft grandson in his new robe below.

He is much admired by Nipper (left) and Sonny.  Sonny is a real dog and though he appears smaller in this photo he is nearly Nipper's size.

 Mittens for my sister in Arkansas. Sophie is ignoring everything.

Oh, did I mention resolutions?  I did.  So here it is.  I resolve to finish my weaving project, the one on the loom now. Also my Kelpie socks, only a quarter of the second sock left.  Also my pullover.  And one sewing project (other that bags for the Co-op).

Kelpie socks                                                          Pullover

That's the weaving in the background.  My goal is to have these four projects finished by the end of January and it's completely possible.  I want this to happen.

For Christmas I received a wonderful project bag from my daughter. It is made by Slipped Stitch Studios.   I had bought one for sock projects last year and love it.  The new one holds a bigger item and is perfect for the pullover.

Whether or not you  make any resolutions for 2015, I wish you joy and good health.

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