Friday, February 27, 2015

In the Time of Blah

Have you ever lived in the Time of Blah?  It's not a good time or a bad time it's just BLAH.  Actually it is not such a good time.  Well, all right, let's just say it  Blah is Bad.  Of course it's not horrible, or tragic, or physically painful so what's so bad about Blah?

Blah is like a white sky or a dry brown lawn. It's like beige walls with a beige carpet and beige furniture.  Beige lovers please don't be upset.  The same holds true for most monochromatic neutral colored rooms.  They're just blah.

In the Time of Blah, endless movies play on the screen, no work is done neither pleasurable nor menial. Little physical movement happens and sleep is fitful. One's attention span is short.

This photo blah?  Yes of course it's blah.  I mean, dirt, dead grass, rocks, an old board.

Perhaps the little gopher head sticking out saves it from complete blah-dom, but not likely.

Sorry, there's no more blah photos that I could find.  I try not to take boring photos.  Honestly I'm sure some of my photos would be boring to others, but if they're not boring to me I can't claim them as 'blah.'

There is a good thing about living in the Time of Blah.  It's over fairly quickly and I return to the time of Joy and Contentment.  Here's hoping I make that transition sooner than later.

I finished only one of the goals for January in January and I have hopes of finishing one more before February's gone.  The sewing one.  I haven't started to weave, but I'm all tied on and ready to go. The knitted pullover is sure to be done in March.

Now to end on a not so blah note.    


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