Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sometimes there is a lot to say and sometimes there isn't anything to say.   I'm not sure which time this is.  Let's start with a photo. Clouds?  Fabric? Pets? Ocean? Self-portrait?  Okay, no self-portrait.

Surprise!   It's yarn.   This is yarn from Three Waters Farm.  I discovered them on Etsy.  Here is their website.   I love the colors in this yarn, but I no longer buy yarn.  They also sell roving. That's fiber which is ready for spinning.  

This remarkable cat belongs to my cousin. He is Jack Flash. (the cat not my cousin)

I know you were just hoping to see more clouds.  One morning, when I was up at the mailboxes, this was the sky.  See another.

Pretty cool.

Remember this dress?  It was a UFO that I finally finished.  Then I gave it to a friend of my daughter for her daughter.  And looky.

She is so cute, eh?

And I have been cooking.  Yes, cooking. Trying to put away some food for when my cooking muse leaves town.

Moroccan Vegetable Stew

I understand.  Now you're hungry.  Go. That's fine. Enjoy.


  1. I put a comment on here a while ago, of course I came back and it was gone
    I really liked the yarn, dress, clouds and especially the soup; but it was sorta thin after I got it wrung out of my lap top.
    when I saw that cat I said to myself, self that looks like jack. shows to go ya how smart I be, grate in English 2

    1. I love this photo of Jack. Do you have others?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That cat is hilarious. Yummy looking soup! ~JF

    1. The soup was good. It made a huge amount so I froze lots of it. Thank you for your comment.