Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Thing for the Wall

It's true I made 'a thing for the wall'.  After I took that class on Saori Weaving,  I was eager to do some more so a warped my rigid heddle loom.   I started out with some yarn for the weft, but then switched to strips of batiks. You know I love them.

I'm enjoying it at this point so decided to take a photo.  The warp is some blue cotton, a bit finer than I wanted, but I didn't have what I wanted.  I'm not sure I even knew what I wanted.

A close-up after it was done.

There it is hanging in the hallway. The wall is a pale lavender.  None of the photos I took of it looked true in color.  This one came the closest.

A close-up of the fringe with beads.  Okay it's not much of a close-up.  Alas,  I am not a photographer.

That's all for the 'thing for the wall'. However I also finished another sleep-over satchel.  Here are two photos of it.

I think this makes 12 of them I've made.  There's another like this one all cut out and ready for sewing.  Might head on in there and 

Get Started.


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