Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Little Road Trip

Today I traveled from my home to a place just east of Volcano, California.  I took some photos along the way, but sad to say none of either of the towns I passed through.  I did not go through Volcano as I took a 'short cut'.   Here is a poor quality photo of the route I took.

I don't think you can read the names of the places, but my idea was to show you the road and it's curves.

Leaving Plymouth heading to Fiddletown

Stopped briefly by road crews cutting trees.

Entering Fiddletown.  It's a gold rush mining town and very interesting. You'll have to go there as I didn't take a picture.

Out the passenger side window. The trees haven't all leafed out yet.

       Going further east and higher in elevation.  I love the sun and                                                       shadows.

Higher now and nearly all evergreens.

There were occasional homes.

Now I have done what I went there to do and have started back home

This was a large farmhouse with lots of land.

West of Fiddletown. Beautiful green hills.

Nearly back to Plymouth where I turn north on Highway 49 towards home.

A wonderful drive. Thank you to the Lord for His beautiful world.

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