Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Hey there

I have certainly been lazy lately including blogging.  However, as I was spinning yesterday I thought I could do a short one featuring fiber and the wheel.

The wheel 
(the dog and the TV)

A stormy fit of fiber on my knee

Some single ply yarn it has become.

Fiber, fiber everywhere but not a bit of pink
(okay that was silly)
The bright one is called 'Saddle Blanket'.

Working on this one for CNCH, which is Conference of Northern California Handweavers. The gathering is in April and I must have 360 yards of 2 ply yarn for my class.

Recently I took a one on one class on Saori style weaving. Here is my sampler.  It needs some further attention, but I like it.

Now when you look at this remember I am a beginner.

That's all folks.

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